Baris Arduc

Baris Arduc

Baris Arduc

Baris Arduc is a Turkish actor and model who was born on 19 October 1987.

Early Life

In 1987, Bar Ardu was born in Scherzinger, Switzerland, the middle child of real estate broker couple G lay and Erol Ardu. He descends from Ordu on his father’s side and from Artvin on his mother’s. His maternal side is of partial Albanian descent.

Ardu, who came back to Turkey with her family from abroad at the age of 8, finished primary school in Sakarya and Gölcuk. At that time, an earthquake occurred in Gölcuk on August 17, 1999. Ardu had to move to a different place after grousing about the comfort of Gölcuk’s accommodations.


  • Ardu first starred in supporting roles in 2011 in Kazakh drama Kadyhan k Han, Dinle Sevgili, and Pis Yedili. Afterwards in 2012, Ardu portrayed the character of Ahmet Avc o lu in ATV’s series Benim zalm that was written and directed by Mahsun K rumzgi and shot in Hopa, Artvin.
  • He joined a cast of Bugn Sarayls from its 5th episode, a series based on works by Refik Halid Karay and directed by Kudret Sabanç.
    Ardu earned a leading role in January 2015 alongside Mehmet  Aslantu, Hande Do andemir, and Tomrisncer in ATV’s series Racon.
    In June 2015, Ardu starred as the leading male opposite El in Sangu in Star TV’s Kiral k A k, a romantic comedy series.
  • Bar Ardu played a role in Fstik ismail in the Netflix series, Kul p (The Club), in 2021. In July 2021, producer Amr Akli announced that Ardu is casting the character Alp Arslan in the second season of Uyanis   Beyk Seluklu, based on the life of Seljuk sultans. Ardu portrayed the leading role of Alp Arslan in Alparslan  Byk Seluklu.


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