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Kuslarla Yolculuk English & Urdu Subtitles


Kuslarla Yolculuk (The Journey with the Birds) English Subtitles & Urdu Subtitles

This Historical TV series was stimulated by the book of Farid Ud-Din Attar named Mantiq Al- Tayr (The meeting of the birds) and comprises of thirty episodes. Farid Ud-Din Attar was born in 1145 in Iran and he passed away in Iran in 1220. Farid Ud-Din used to work at the pharmacy shop of his father in his childhood and then began traveling, especially in the Middle East. A number of poems on religious topics have been written by Farid Ud-Din Attar during his entire life. The poems written by Attar have the impacts of the Islamic Sufism gesticulation. The most popular work of Farid Ud-Din Attar is Mantiq Al-Tayr. Mantiq Al-Tayr starts with the tributes to the Holy Prophet (PBUH) and Islam.

The theme of this work is: Dove, Hoopoe, Parrot, Pigeon, Nightingale, Partridge, Turtle Dove, Peacock and hawk species begin chat with each other. These birds chat about the truth that every country or state has a Padishah (King) and discuss about having a king in their birds. Hoopoe starts to talk and describes that the ruler of the birds is a bird named as Simurgh. But Simurgh stays far away. All the birds hear to the Hoopoe and start preparations to hit the road under his control. This road is lengthy and very strenuous. Other birds begin giving in one by one, but Hoopoe persuades them. The birds carry on proceeding. Hoopoe says them that they have to cross through seven different valleys are; search, love, Knowledge, objectivity, unity, wonderment and destitution. Thousands of birds start to proceed in these valleys. Some birds fall ill, some stalked by other animals. Finally, thirty birds reach to Simurgh and they comprehend that they are Simurgh himself. The book of Farid Ud-Din Attar is full of signs and messages with lots of guidance.

The trek with the birds is motivated by this book and describes the tale of nine dervishes representing the birds searching for Simurgh. There is a Sheikh who assists these dervishes and tries to light up their path. A passenger running away from the assault of bandits reaches to these dervishes and requests for assistance. This passenger starts to speak about the destinations he travelled and watched. A dervish constitutes the bird in the tale of Attar and is challenged about commerce.

Kuslarla Yolculuk English Subtitles

Then the tourist describes a tale about a mosque and affects another dervish named Fazil. This dervish praises the knowledge of the mosque and is influenced, and one day, when he writes down what Sheikh said to him, he makes a decision that he intends to write a book about the Sultan and work for him. Meanwhile, the Clerk of the Sultan reaches to the gatehouse and says to the Sheikh that Fazil should work in the fort for a while. Fazil cannot withstand this offer and goes to the fort. Fazil now starts to live in the fort. The tale of the Fazil is contrasted to a hawk standing in an enclosure. Fazil performs his duties with all his strength in the fort and does everything to rise further. The trial of the Fazil in the fort will not be easy.

The upcoming story is about sami. Dervish Sami does not agree to the decision made by Sheik hand is very annoyed. Sami ceases working overtime. Sami is captivated by a tale told by the passenger and starts to be conceited. The story of Sami constitutes the peacock.

The trial of Dervish Kerem is about love. Kerem goes to the market place one day and falls in love with a girl he perceives. Kerem is ready to do everything to reach to the market place again. Sheikh apprises Kerem, but Kerem is already burning in the fire of love. The story of Kerem was stimulated by the nightingale in the book of Attar.

One day, the tourist who came to the gatehouse talks about horses and describes a story about the horse of Hazrat Ali (R.A). Bahri hears to this tale and starts to ponder that his horse is too fast. The trial of Bahri is told in dope and turtle dove sections.

The next tale is the owl episode. Dervish Enes hears to the amusement locales described by the tourist and intends to see them. When Enes reaches to the city, he cannot hold himself and gets into one of these amusement locales. Here, all kinds of evil occur to Enes, but it is too late for him now.

Kuslarla Yolculuk English Subtitles

The tales described by the tourist continue to influence everyone and veer to Yunus. Even though Yunus is very diligent, after chat with the passenger, he decides that there is no requirement to work that much and ponders that praying will be enough. Sheikh assigns a duty to Yunus and Yunus travelled a long way that will alter his life entirely. This tale is named as Wagtail bird.

One day, the tourist describes a tale about the popular Seljuk Vizier Nizam Al-Mulk and this tale affects Suleiman deeply. A few days later, Sheikh goes somewhere and sanctions Suleiman before he departs. With these new strengths, Suleiman ponders that he can make the things on the gatehouse better, but on the other hand he begins to be hard against the other dervishes at the same time. This tale is motivated by the famous Huma bird.

The tourist ponders that he consumed enough time on the gatehouse and starts preparations to set forth again. Sami will go with the tourist to the city, but unpredicted incidents occur on the road. Tourist and Sami miss each other on the road. When the tourist looks for the dervish, he finds a river and ponders that the water he got is the stream of youth. The tourist drinks from this water stream and goes to the forest to look for Sami. Meanwhile, Sami describes to Sheikh what occurred. The tourist gets exhausted and falls asleep. A dream comes to the tourist while sleeping, the life and search of the tourist alters. The tourist goes back to the gatehouse and speaks to Sheikh.

The continuance of the series is motivated by the valleys in the book of Attar. The tourist starts to live in the gatehouse and experiences incidents stimulated by these seven valleys. The incidents and trials that happen in the gatehouse deeply affect the life of the tourist. One day, Sheikh falls ill and the dervishes learn that he will pass away. Sheikh says that before he passes away, one has to find himself before he can come to the truth.

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Seddulbahir 32 Saat English & Urdu Subtitles


Seddulbahir 32 Saat (Hours) English & Urdu Subtitles

The series is the Historical TV Series which has many popular actors, describes the legendary 32-hour war in Seddulbahir. The sets for this series were formed at five different locations in Canakkale. Many outfits and arms were made to depict the watchers that era. The ditches and ramparts that that will be utilized in the fight scenes were made after an 8-month study. This small series, whose shooting began in 2016, is planned as four episodes and its shooting completed in about four months.

World War I is still going on and the Ottoman state requires new troopers. Sergent Mehmet writes a message and informs his family that he is performing well. Meanwhile, Major Mahmud Sabri prepares his troopers in opposition to the British assault. The British have to face Canakkale to take Istanbul. In Seddulbahir 32 Saat, Ottoman troopers began to guard the Canakkale strait against the British, French, Anzac and foe troopers from many different countries. Hussein addresses to the troopers who reached to his village and decides to get into the war to perceive his father for the last time. Blacksmith Ramiz presents himself and leaves his little son with Hatice. Hassan, the little son of Ramiz, cannot comfortably accept this disconnection.

Hussein, Ramiz and many troopers reach Canakkale. Hussein seeks consent from the commanders to go to his father, but it will not be an easy job to find the Sergent Mehmet for him. The lover of Hussein Zeliha cannot bear it anymore and reaches Canakkale as a nurse. On the 25th of April, the British begin bombarding Seddulbahir from the ships. Turkish troopers stay in their ditches and try to cease the British troopers who landed on the coast. The German Marshal Limon Pasha gets the news that the British are taking steps, but tells that this is a fake assault and that the major assault will come from another coast. Ottoman Pashas tell that they require more troopers to guard Seddulbahir and that this point should be assisted. Marshal Limon Pasha defies the Ottoman Pashas and does not send assistance.

Seddülbahir 32 Saat English Subtitles

  • Although Ottoman troopers were small in number as compared to the British troopers, they continued to guard the homeland. Major Mahmud Sabri is searching for a way to assist his troopers. Liman Pasha forces that these assaults are not real and does not send assistance to Seddulbahir. In Seddulbahir 32 Saat, Cevat Pasha cannot comprehend the decision of Marshal Liman to send help and sends a haste group to Seddulbahir. Major Mahmud Sabri gets the news that the British are steadily proceeding on the coast and sends the last troopers at the front. Nurse Zeliha asks the wounded troopers who come to the first treatment tent where Hussein is and whether he is living. Major Mahmud Sabri decides to counterblow to cease the British proceeding, and Turkish troopers start the attack. Also Read,
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Cevat Pasha comprehends the actual scheme of Marshal Liman and goes to his office to countenance him. Cevat Pasha says that the Germans expanded the war in Canakkale to rescue time in Europe. Liman cannot talk because of the appearance of the scheme. Cevat Pasha tells that they will conquer this war just like March 18 and goes out. During the assault, Hussein falls down on the ground and remains in the deceased troopers.

Zeliha perceives Mehmet at the headquarters and asks him questions regarding Hussein. Mehmet frets more about Hussein and starts searching for him. Halil Sami Pasha reaches to the headquarters and speaks to the Major Mahmud. In Seddulbahir 32 Saat, Halil Pasha congratulates the troopers for their fight. Major Mahmud Sabri suggests another assault to cease the British completely but Halil Pasha reminds him of the awaiting decision by Liman. Halil Pasha cannot withstand it anymore and decides to do something for assistance. Meanwhile, Marshal Liman gets the latest updates about the circumstances in Canakkale. With the great endeavors of Major Mahmud Sabri and Lieutenant Colonel Mustafa Kemal, Marshal Liman has earned the time he desired.

Seddülbahir 32 Saat English Subtitles

Turkish troopers go back to the headquarters after the assault. The friends of Hussein are bothered about him and they try to search him. Mehmet gets the news that his son is going to clash but is not back. This news makes Mehmet very upset. Major Mahmud Sabri arranges a short gathering with the officers and discusses about the latest incidents. Major Mahmud Sabri frames up a new scheme to cease the British proceeding and tells the scheme to officers. In Seddulbahir 32 Saat, Mehmet speaks to Major and tells that he desires to join the haste group to call his son. Major Mahmud Sabri agrees to this proposal. Then Ramiz speaks to Mehmet and reads the letter from the village to him. Hussein conceals among the deceased troopers and slinks up when the British troopers go. Mehmet goes back to the battle ground and starts searching for his son. Meanwhile, Hussein covertly proceeds towards the British and views them. Mehmet and Ramiz cannot get Hussein and consider that he may have been captured by the British.

Major Mahmud Sabri takes many troopers with him and sets forth to assist Mehmet. When Mehmet and Ramiz look for Hussein, the British troopers assault again. The major perceives this assault and tries to support Mehmet. As Turkish troopers try to combat British machine guns, Hussein appears from concealing and neutralizes the British. In Seddulbahir 32 Saat, Mehmet perceives the heroic assault of his son from a far and learns that he is living. The Major and the troopers go back to the main headquarters, but Hussein still has not reached. A small group of troopers reaches to the headquarters for support. Major Mahmud Sabri receives an assault order and acts upon that at around three AM at night. The troopers come out of headquarters to reach the assault positions. Meanwhile, Hussein reaches to the headquarters with a machine gun he caught. Zeliha perceives Hussein and embraces him.

Major Mahmud Sabri and the Turkish troopers ceased the British assault, but afterwards the British ships began bombardment the Turkish ditches. Zeliha is scared that something will occur to Hussein and frets. Hussein perceives martyrs and wounded persons from the front. The British resume to bomb heavily and prepare to assault once again. Major Mahmud Sabri gets updates that new assistances are coming from Anatolia and conceives a new scheme to guard Seddulbahir. Hussein approaches to the Major and tells him for a new assignment. Major sends Hussein to bring a shipping car. The doctor and Zeliha are well prepared to transfer many wounded people. While searching for a horse cart, Hussein comes face to face to Mustafa Kemal and speaks to him.

Mehmet frames up a scheme to assault the British lingered in a village and takes quick actions. Turkish troopers prepare grenades and start waiting for the assault order. The British commander takes steps to fully control the village and assassinate the Turks.  As Mehmet and the troopers are prepared for the assault, the order of evacuate will astonish them. Ramiz and the troopers take a decision together. This decision is not to be evacuated. A remaining group of Turkish troopers tells that they do not desire to retreat and desire to combat the British until they pass away. Hussein goes back to the headquarters and delivers what Mustafa kemal told him. Hussein gets the news that Major will go to assist Seddulbahir and seeks consent to go with him. Meanwhile, Mehmet cannot withstand anymore and goes to talk to the British troopers at the entry gate of the village. Mehmet inquires from the British why they reached here and what they are doing here. Major Mahmud Sabri and Hussein take part in this discussion. Major tells that the British cannot proceed anymore.

Seddulbahir 32 Saat English Subtitles free of cost is below

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Vahyin Izinde (The Revelation) English Subtitles


Vahyin Izinde (The Journey of Revelation) Full synopsis and How to watch it for free

The production of this Historical TV series started back in 2014; the series actually has features of a documentary. The main subjects of the series are the birth of the Holy Prophet (PBUH), his life events, the appearance of Islam, and the hindrances faced by the Muslims. The subject matter of the series was inspected and accepted by Turkish theology professors and an academic group of scholars and professors appointed by Marmara University. The necessary precautions and measures have been practiced to reflect the reality and truth as much as possible. Besides this, small model copies of the Holy cities of the Mecca and Medina were constructed by the company in Konya so that the series can exhibit that era successfully. The series was planned to have 12 episodes but ended after the eighth episodes.

The series starts by elaborating on how people used to live during the era of ignorance. Most of the people, who spent that era, lived a life full of sins. The people of that time did not hesitate to bury their girls alive. Many people were surf masters or surf merchants. People of that era placed idols, to which they consider their God inside and outside the Kaaba. There is someone awaited to rescue these people and guide them to the right path. The series then in short describes the watchers how Kaaba was constructed.

On April 20, 571, the person who was anticipated for the deliverance of the people has reached. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) becomes a loved one in Mecca and all merchants believe in Him very much. When the Holy Prophet (PBUH) reaches the age of twenty-five, He gets married to Hazrat Khadija (R.A). The tribes of Mecca cannot decide who will put Hajaru al-Aswad (The black stone) in the wall of Kaaba and allot this task to the Holy Prophet (PBUH). Holy Prophet (PBUH) is disturbed by the actions of the people of Mecca. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) starts to go to the cave of Hira (Jabal Al-Noor). On the fifteenth of Ramadan, the angel of Allah, Jibrail (A.S) comes and says the Holy Prophet (PBUH) to read. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) tells that I do not know how to read, but Jibrail (A.S) repeats the same sentence three times.

In the early morning, Jibrail (A.S) goes to the Holy Prophet (PBUH) that He is the last Prophet of Allah. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) returns to His house and says Hazrat Khadija to cover him with a cloth. Then the Holy Prophet (PBUH) continues to visit the cave of Hira.

Jibrail (A.S) delivers new Ayahs (verses) to the Holy Prophet (PBUH). Then, Jibrail (A.S) describes the first ablution. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) says his first prayer. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) next teaches Hazrat Khadija (R.A) and Hazrat Ali (R.A) how to perform prayer. Then the series depicts the addresses of Hazrat Abu Bakr (R.A) and Hazrat Osman (R.A). Hazrat Abu Bakr (R.A) is the first man who embraces Islam. Hazrat Abu Bakr (R.A) becomes a very close companion of the Holy Prophet (PBUH). Hazrat Osman (R.A) hears to Hazrat Abu Bakr (R.A) and desires to chat with the Holy Prophet (PBUH). Hazrat Abu Bakr (R.A) takes his companions to the Holy Prophet (PBUH) one by one and assists them to embrace Islam. The number of Muslims slowly begins to increase in Mecca, but this begins to distress some people.

The Holy Prophet (PBUH) intends to appraise His family and relatives; He (PBUH) intends to show them the right path. At the request of Holy Prophet (PBUH), Hazrat Ali invites everyone for a dinner. Abu Lahab, Abu Talib, Hazrat Hamza (R.A), and many others reach there to have dinner. Hazrat Ali (R.A) serves food to everyone. When the Holy Prophet (PBUH) starts to talk, Abu Lahab ceases Him and asserts that the Holy Prophet (PBUH) did sorcery. After that Abu Lahab says that he will not assist the Holy Prophet (PBUH) and says all the people to leave Him alone. These harsh words of His uncle disturbed the Holy Prophet (PBUH).

Vahyin Izinde

One night, Hazrat Abu Bakr (R.A) goes to the house of Bilal Ibn Rabah and chats with him. Bilal questions about the Holy Prophet (PBUH) and Hazrat Abu Bakr (R.A) gives the response to his queries. Bilal is influenced by this discussion and embraces Islam. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) once again calls his relatives for a feast. Hazrat Ali (R.A) sends invitations to all for dinner. Abu Lahab once again tries to quiet the Holy Prophet (PBUH) but this time the Holy Prophet (PBUH) starts to talk. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) calls everyone to embrace Islam, but no one agrees with the Prophet excluding Hazrat Ali. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) speaks about Allah and tells His relatives how to worship and perform prayer. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) tells that He is very sincere with his family and tells why everyone should convert to Islam. Abu Lahab tries to stir from the table. Everyone is hearing to The Holy Prophet (PBUH) and is joyful with his address.

Some days pass and some honorable people of Mecca are very disturbed by Muslims. Muslims are now perceived as a serious risk. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) goes up to a hill and proclaims to the tribes of Mecca. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) delivers a speech and informs everyone about Islam.

Abu Lahab tells that the Pilgrimage (Hajj) season is coming and he will do everything in opposition of the Holy Prophet (PBUH). The wealthy people of Mecca decide to talk to Abu Talib and make him apprise the Holy Prophet (PBUH). Muslims speak about Islam and the Holy Prophet (PBUH) near Kaaba, but the non-believers of Mecca assault the Muslims. Abu Lahab and his spouse throw stones at the house of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) place spiky branches in front of the house of the Holy Prophet (PBUH). The non-believers of Mecca start to assault the Muslims again and again with each passing day. Umayyah Ibn Khalaf catches Bilal and torments him publically. The non-believers torment Muslims and compel them to worship idols, but Muslims resist them. Bilal does not give in his decision and says that he believes in One Allah.

Abu Lahab and his non-believer companions do everything to make the life of Muslims more problematic. They cannot withstand their rage anymore and decide to eliminate the Holy Prophet (PBUH), but Muslims are well aware of it. Muslims try to guard the Holy Prophet (PBUH). The Holy Prophet (PBUH) advises to forbear and remain strong. The wealthy people of Mecca compel Muslims out of their homes and lock them up. Now, one of the toughest trials for Muslims starts.

Vahyin Izinde English Subtitles (all Episodes) free of cost is below

New Historical Series of Engin Altan | Hero of Dirilis Ertugrul

New historical Series of Engin Altan

New Historical Series of Engin Altan | Hero of Dirilis Ertugrul

Welcome back with another exciting news on Historical TV. Today we have good news for the viewers of the Turkish Historical series. The most popular Turkish actor who is being liked in the entire world because of his remarkable role in the Dirilis Ertugrul season, Engin Altan Duzyatan will be perceived in a new historical series.

The formal channel of Turkey TRT has given thrilling news to its viewers. The next historical series has been produced by ES films; the story of the series will be based on the life history of great historical person Haydreddin Barbarossa. The series will comprise three seasons and its first season will be on-aired within the next three months. According to the official sources, CagatayUlusoy has left the series because of some personal reasons due to which the main role of the Ottoman Admiral Hayreddin Barbarossa will be portrayed by Engin Altan Duzyatan.

New Historical Series of Engin Altan | Must Watch

This high budget series is very vital for TRT1. Also, many assertions have been made on the social made that TRT management also desires to see Engin Altan Duzyatan on the screen again. Barbaros Hyreddin Pasha was born in Lesbos and nominated as Admiral of the Ottoman Navy by Sultan Suleiman the magnificent. Barbaros vanquished Algiers from Spain after which Algeria came into existence. He also vanquished Tunis in 1534 CE and passed away in 1545 CE after his retirement from the Ottoman Navy. So, stay tuned for another thrilling series of ever liked and loved Engin Altan Duzyatan. Keep viewing Historical TV.

The series will be officially released on the Turkish Channel TRT1. The exact date of release is not confirmed till now but we will update you soon. We will also update you on how to watch this upcoming thrilling historical series.

Kurulus Osman Episode 28 English Subtitles | Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 1

Kurulus Osman Season 2

Kurulus Osman Episode 27 | Season Finale | Full Synopsis

The Byzantine troopers brought by Princess Sofia surround Osman Bey. Osman Bey starts brawling with the Byzantine troopers and injures many of them. Wounded troopers fall down to the ground but get up again. Osman Bey prays to Almighty Allah and assaults again. Osman Bey ran away into the forest, but the Byzantine troopers follow him. Princess Sofia tells the troopers to send the bodies of Balgay and Cerkutay to Geyhatu Khan. Meanwhile, Aygul is still annoyed. Burcin and Bala Hatun try to serene Aygul. Boran is wounded and makes Byzantine troopers following him lose his track. Then Boran comes back to the battlefield and checks the situation of Goktug. Meanwhile, Bamsi returns and perceives Boran. Goktug inquires about his brother Konur and feel apologetic about what occurred. Goktug takes the dagger in his hand and says he will assassinate himself. Bamsi serene Goktug and reminds him about what Konur said. Dundar and Hazal discuss about what Aygul has done. While Osman Bey ran into the forest, Byzantine troopers and Princess Sofia find him. Sofia tells that she will take retribution of her father and assaults Osman Bey. Osman Bey tells to Sofia that no one can take this land that his father has vanquished. Hazal presents an offer to send Aygul for medical care to Kastamonu.

Dundar Bey hears to the offer of Hazal and agrees to that. Osman Bey continues to brawl with the immortal troopers of Princess Sofia. Byzantine troopers are wounded one by one and fall down to the ground but then get up again. When Osman Bey starts to get exhausted, Boran and Bamsi reach there. Boran and Bamsi shoot the Byzantine troopers with arrows. Hazal describes her scheme to her son Bahadir and gets new information from him. Bahadir informs what his uncle will do and they have to cease Osman Bey. Hazal is confident that Princess Sofia will murder Osman. New troopers reach and assist Sofia to save her. Bamsi, Boran and Goktug assist Osman Bey and set forth to go back to the plain together. Dundar speaks to Aygul and tells that he intends to send her to Kastamonu. Hazal calls the man of Dundar and tells him to murder Aygul on her way to Kastamonu. Sofia and Byzantine troopers try to find Osman Bey in the forest but cannot succeed. Princess Sofia discerns that her troopers are in bad condition and decides to go back to the fort. Bamsi inspects the injuries of Osman Bey and realizes that his situation is worse. Osman Bey stands up and speaks to Goktug. Osman Bey cannot stay stand anymore and falls unconscious. Dundar starts preparations to send Aygul and says her that everything will be all right. Aygul cuddle her father for the last time and gets on her horse to set forth. Selcan Hatun perceives Aygul on her way and wonders where she is going.

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Latest News

Selcan Hatun speaks to Dundar about Aygul and learns where she is going. Selcan is very annoyed when she learns that Aygul is going to Kastamonu. Meanwhile, the injured Osman Bey returns to the plain. Bala perceives Osman Bey and runs towards him. Everyone on the plain is very upset. Bamsi tries to serene Gunduz Bey and informs everyone what occurred to Osman Bey. Selcan Hatun and Bala intercede in the wound of Osman. Princes Sofia comes back to the fort and sends agent to seek assistance from other Christians against the Turks. Selcan goes out of the tent and tells that the situation of Osman Bey is not good. Kayis are very worried when they hear this news. Dundar is worried about Osman and feels apologetic about what he has done. Hazal tries to calm her husband. Goktug goes to the grave of his brother Konur and chats with him. Goktug tells that he will brawl for his nonbelievers for his brother now, and he feels apologetic what he has done over and over.

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Osman Bey discloses his eyes for a moment but then falls unconscious again. Bala Hatun calls Gunduz Bey. Dundar hears the noise in the plain and comes out of his tent instantly. Hearsay is spreading over the plain that Osman Bey passed away. Dundar gets this news and starts crying. Dundar sheds tears and strolls to the tent of Osman Bey. All Kayi people are waiting in front of the tent. Gunduz Bey comes out of the tent and delivers a speech. Everyone on the plain considers that Osman Bey is dead. On the next day, Princess Sofia receives the news that Osman Bey is dead. Princess Sofia then adores God and the celebrations start in the fort. Everyone in the fort is joyful with the news of the demise of the Osman. The Alp tries to murder Aygul, which ordered by Hazal, but Aygul has already escaped. People in the fort commemorate the demise of Osman by dancing and drinking. New knights reach at the fort because of the assistance Sofia requests. Knights get into the fort and Sofia welcomes them. Knights take a mat to the fort. Sofia considers this mat is a present, but Knights throw the dead body in the mat in front of Sofia. Princess Sofia perceives that the agent she sent was murdered and inquires who did this. One of them protrudes and throws his cloak away. This one is Osman Bey.

While Osman Bey is wounded in the tent, he covertly frames up a scheme with Gunduz Bey. Only close to the Osman Bey know this secret scheme. Osman Bey and the Alps take out their swords and assault Princess Sofia. A tough fight starts in the fort. Turks murder Byzantine troopers one by one and start to gain the charge of the fort. Osman Bey discerns the Sofia escaping from the fort and starts chasing her. Osman Bey ceases Sofia once again. Sofia takes out her sword and assaults Osman Bey. But Osman Bey ceases the assault of Sofia and stabs his sword at her. Sofia falls down to the ground from the walls of the fort and passes away. Many Byzantine troopers take the dead body of Sofia and run away.

The Turks murder all the Byzantine troopers in the fort and vanquish the fort. Osman Bey goes to the square of the fort and Praises Allah for this triumph. Then Osman Bey calls everyone on the plain to commemorate the triumph. Osman Bey perceives that the people in the fort are scared and starts chat with them. Osman Bey announces that there will be no damage to the property, life and belief of the people in the fort. Osman Bey hugs a frightened little boy and calms him. Osman Bey speaks to Boran and tells him to pay the harm of the people in the fort. Dundar sits down in front of his tent and ponders he has lost another son. Dundar still considers that Osman is dead. Meanwhile, the news that the fort was vanquished by Osman Bey reaches to the plain. Dundar, Hazal and Bahadir are very shocked. Hazal does not agree to her son Bahadir, but he tells the reality. Dundar Bey gets the news that Osman Bey called him to the fort and instantly set forth. Meanwhile, Sheikh Edebali reaches to the fort and perceives the Christians who deceased in the battle. Sheikh Edebali is upset for the Christians who deceased. Sheikh Edebali is upset that he could not guide them to the right path. Osman Bey welcomes Sheikh Edebali in the fort. Sheikh Edebali says that the dream of Osman Bey has begun to come true. An Imam from Samarkand hands over the flag of Kayi to Osman Bey. Sheikh Edebali tells Osman Bey to dangle this flag on the fort.

Hazal speaks to Selcan and asks her why Osman Bey concealed his scheme. Selcan says her why Osman kept secret his scheme and goes to prepare for the commemorations. Alp, commissioned by Hazal, returns to the plain and informs that Aygul has fled. Hazal when learns this news gets even annoyed. Meanwhile, Dundar reaches to the fort and speaks to Osman Bey. Osman Bey tells that the day is a triumph day and goes to the wall of the fort to dangle the flag in his hand. Osman Bey takes the Byzantine flags from the walls of the fort and dangles the flag of Kayi. Burcin realizes that Aygul has fled and informs Hazal that she will be found soon. Aygul comes out of the tent of her father and shoots an arrow to murder Hazal, but this arrow gets into the chest of Burcin. Aygul is worried about what she has done, but it’s too late. Osman Bey delivers a speech while on the wall of the fort. Osman Bey says that as long as they are united, no one can damage them and they will make many more wins. Osman Bey prays to Almighty Allah for all the good things. Osman Bey tells that he will broaden Islam and justice all over the globe and then orders the Adhan to be called in the fort.

When Kurulus Osman Season 2 will release?

Dirilis Ertugrul Season was officially released on 10th December 2014. Similarly, by checking we come to know that each successive season of Dirilis Ertugrul was released in between October and November. Also Kurulus Osman Season 1 was released on 20th November 2019. So, most probably Kurulus Osman Season 2 will be released by the end of this year during the period of October and November.

Full Season 1 with English Subtitles, Click below

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Kurulus Osman Episode 27 English & Urdu Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Episode 27

Kurulus Osman Episode 26 Full Synopsis

Kurulus Osman Episode 26 was the second last episode of seasons. Osman Bey assaults Subutay with all his power. A savage brawl starts in the center of the plain. All Kayis guard their plain. Byzantine troopers and Mongols start to lose the fight. Osman Bey triumphs over Subutay and captures him. Bamsi Bey and the Alps take over Sofia. Bamsi intends to take retribution of his departed sons from her. Bamsi and Sofia start brawling. Abdurrahman Ghazi and Dundar Bey cease Bamsi when he is about to execute Princess Sofia. The Alps capture Sofia and take her to a tent. Dundar Bey and Abdurrahman Ghazi try to serene Bamsi. Balgay and Cerkutay covertly assault Abdurrahman Ghazi. Princess Sofia avail this chance and murders the Alps holding her. Abdurrahman Ghazi cannot cease Sofia as he is wounded. Meanwhile, Konur tries to pull through. Kongar takes the dagger of the Alp that gives him water and pierces his strings. Osman Bey and Gunduz Bey perceive Abdurrahman. Abdurrahman Ghazi tells that Sofia has run away. Abdurrahman Ghazi was badly wounded on his arm. People carry Abdurrahman Ghazi to the health tent. Balgay and Princess Sofia meet in the jungle and run off. The doctor tells that Abdurrahman Ghazi has lost a large quantity of blood and his arm should be pierced. Osman Bey and others are very upset about the circumstances.

Kongar places the dagger on the throat of his brother Konur. Konur speaks about the past and tries to remind his brother who he is. Osman Bey informs Selcan Hatun and Bala Hatun about the condition of Abdurrahman Ghazi. Konur always whoops Goktug and this reinstates the memory of Kongar. Goktug recalls what he did to his brother and starts weeping. Subutay calls Osman Bey to his tent. Osman Bey reaches to Subutay and hears to what he speaks. Subutay tells that he desires his hands to be unlashed and desires to brawl Osman Bey. Osman Bey agrees to Subutay and Subutay is unlashed. Osman Bey assaults Subutay once again and inquires about Geyhatu Khan from him. Subutay tells that Geyhatu Khan will come. Subutay menaces everyone in the plain. Osman Bey smacks Subutay and drops him on the ground. Balgay realizes that Mongolian troopers are deceased. Princess Sofia says Balgay to go to the fort and Balgay agrees to her offer. Subutay tells that the Turks will die and the Mongols will assault again and again. Osman Bey raises his sword into the air and separates the head of Subutay from his body. Osman Bey announces that he will send the head of Subutay to the Geyhatu Khan. Hazal and Bahadir discuss about Osman Bey. Hazal tells that a great calamity is coming. Hazal ponders Geyhatu Khan will assault the Kayi plain and decides to send her son Bahadir to her brother. Also Read,

Balgay and Sofia reach to the fort. While, Sofia ponders Geyhatu will reach soon, Balgay tells that he has gone back to Konya. Princess Sofia agonizes. Balgay tells that Osman Bey can assault the fort, but at the same time new troopers of Sofia become visible. Aygul begins to hate Hazal and considers her responsible for the demise of her mother. Selcan Hatun tells that she was at wrong regarding Hazal. Hazal speaks that everything will be fine. Abdurrahman Ghazi discloses his eyes and inquires about his situation. Dundar Bey tells that the doctor will assist. Osman Bey and Gunduz Bey reach. Abdurrahman Ghazi requests everyone to stay with him. The doctor pierces the arm of Abdurrahman Ghazi. Abdurrahman Ghazi yells as Allah and then becomes unconscious. Balgay does not like the new troopers of Sofia. New troopers assault Balgay. Cerkutay spikes one of the troopers, but nothing occurs to the trooper. Balgay speaks that there is a wretch inside the troopers. Princess Sofia tells that her father gave the troopers a concoction. In this way, the troopers do not sense the agony. Princess Sofia tells that the concoction has shown its result for a few days. Gunduz Bey tells that they realized this assault thanks to Hazal Hatun, but Osman Bey ponders how she learned this information. Meanwhile, a few Alps return and inform that Princess Sofia has run away, thanks to Balgay. Osman Bey tells that they are in the fort. Then Goktug, Dumrul, and Konur return to the Kayi plain.

KGoktug tells that Balgay gave him venom and that is why he did it. Konur discloses his eyes and ceases Bamsi. Konur is brought to the doctor for the treatment. Goktug tells that he desires to remain with his brother and gets sanction from Osman Bey. Dundar Bey speaks to Bahadir and Hazal. Dundar Bey inquires from where the brother of Hazal got the information of this assault. Hazal protects her brother and says them to thank him.  Aygul hears to their discussion from a far. Dundar Bey accepts the request of Hazal and agrees to send Bahadir. Dundar Bey goes to Gunduz Bey to discuss Bahadir, Gunduz Bey also agrees. Then Goktug reaches and says that he does not intend to live. Osman Bey says Goktug to cheer up. Osman Bey speaks to Bala. Bala says Osman Bey to be cautious and to do everything with the will of Almighty Allah. Konur wakes up and speaks to Goktug. Konur says his brother to be devoted to Osman Bey. Osman Bey tells that he will take retribution of Konur and sets forth.

Osman Bey says that he will go to Konya road with Boran and orders Bamsi Bey to guard them against Princess Sofia. Kongar goes to the fort. Bamsi frets regarding his son. Kongar tells that he murdered Konur and escaped from there. Later, Kongar informs that Osman Bey will bring the laws of Genghis Khan to the Geyhatu Khan. Princess Sofia tells that she intends to go with Balgay, but Balgay tells that he will take retribution of his son alone. Princess Sofia and her troopers set out after Balgay left the fort. The doctor tells that he tried his level best, but the injury of Konur is puffed up. Gunduz Bey and Dundar Bey speak to Konur. Konur says the Shahada and passes away. Kongar murders the Byzantine troopers taking him to a sanitarium and runs away from the fort. Balgay perceives Osman Bey and Boran. When Osman Bey ceases to rest, Balgay tells that he will assault him. Kayis perform pray for Konur and brings him to the graveyard. Meanwhile, Aygul gets bad and continues to ponder about the demise of her mother. Osman Bey and Boran cease somewhere to take rest. Bamsi ceases them as Princess Sofia and her troopers advance through the forest to capture Osman Bey. The new troopers of Sofia try to guard her. The Alps shoot the Byzantine troopers with arrows, but nothing occurs to them. Princess Sofia avails this chance and escapes. Bamsi and the Alps start to assault.

Aygul holds the belongings of her mother and speaks about her. Later, Aygul takes the knife of her mother. Balgay and his troopers surround Osman Bey. Bamsi and the Alps brawl the Byzantine troopers. The Alps wounded the Byzantine troopers but cannot murder them.  Bamsi says to the Alps that they should be confident and assaults the Byzantine troopers again and again. Aygul covertly approaches Hazal and places her dagger on her throat. Balgay and Mongolian troopers leave the place where they are concealed. Goktug becomes visible when Balgay is assaulting Osman Bey and says that Kongar is deceased. Balgay gets annoyed and assaults the Turks because of the disloyalty of his son Kongar.  Bamsi and the Alps are still brawling with the Byzantine troopers and they are getting exhausted. Dundar Bey perceives Aygul and tries to cease her. Aygul is annoyed with Hazal because of the demise of her mother and can murder her at any moment. Osman Bey murders Mongolian troopers and assaults Balgay. Goktug murders Cerkutay. Osman Bey catches Balgay. Aygul tells that she is very sad about what occurred to her. Bala Hatun tries to serene her. Selcan Hatun utilizes this chance and neutralizes Aygul. Bamsi stirs once again and sets out to assist Osman Bey. Hazal speaks to Aygul and says that she intends to be her mother. Aygul relaxes and does what Hazal says. Goktug tells that he wants to murder Balgay, but at the same time, Princess Sofia reaches and hits Goktug with an arrow. Princess Sofia says that Balgay has betrayed her. Osman Bey executes Balgay when he tries to get his sword off the ground. Princess Sofia tells that she murdered Bamsi and the Alps. On hearing this, Osman Bey assaults Sofia.

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Who was Ibn-e-Arabi | Ibn Arabi Real History | Dirilis Ertugrul

who was ibn-e-arabi

Who was Ibn-e-Arabi, Who appeared in Dirilis Ertugrul

Ibn-e-Arabi was a visionary Sufi, a poet, a thinker, and an intellectual scholar. His full name is “Abu Abdullah Muhammad Ibn Ali Ibn Muhammad Ibn Arabi Al-Hatimat-Tai”. He affected the Muslim world with his exceptional works. Ibn-e-Arabi was born on 26th July 1165 CE, in Murcia, Spain. Ibn-e-Arabi was contemplated a saint and also popular with the names “Shaykh Al-Akbar (The greatest Master)” and “Muhyiddin (The reviver of religion)”. Ibn-e-Arabi belonged to An Arabian tribe Tayy. His mother was a North African Afro-Asiatic. The father of Ibn-e- Arabi was a government retainer under the reign of Muhammad Ibn Said Ibn Mardanish, who was the king of Murcia at the time. After the demise of Ibn Said in 1172 CE, his father transferred his services to Almohad Sultan Abu Yaqub Yusuf l and he arrived in Seville along with his family members. Ibn-e- Arabi consumed there almost 30 years of his life. He was also given army training there. He moved to entire Spain and Africa in the search of great mystic advisers to get knowledge. During that period, once he came across the great Aristotelian thinker Ibn Rushdin Cordoba. Ibn Rushd was greatly influenced by his mystic deepness. Later, Ibn-e-Arabi traveled to Morocco in the city Fez where Mohammad Ibn Qasim Al-Tamimi became his religious adviser. Also Read,

In 1198 CE, he said goodbye to Murcia and started his journey towards East. First of all he started his religious journey to Mecca (Hajj) in 1201 CE after which he began his vital work “Al-Futuhat al-Makkiyyah (The Revelations of Mecca)” which was published after much time in Damascus. It is comprised of incidents of Ibn-e-Arabi about the abstruse science in Islam and also the information regarding his life. He stayed for almost three years in Mecca. During that time, Ibn-e-Arabi also familiarized with a girl of prominent beauty.  He made immortal her memories in a collection of poems “Tarjuman al-Ashwaq (The Interpreter of Desires)”.  Owing to this he also had to face disputes. In the same year 1201 CE, he then traveled to Egypt and then to Anatolia where he encountered with Sadr al-Din al-Qunawi in Konya. Al-Qunawi became his heir in the east. In the same way, after traveling to Baghdad and Aleppo, Ibn-e-Arabi reached Damascus and a long religious journey came to an end in 1223 CE, but this left long-lived popularity spread throughout the Islamic world. And those were the days when his vital work in mystical thinking “Fusus al-hikam (The bezels of Wisdom)” was constituted in 1229 CE. “Fusus al-hikam” has also been converted in Urdu language by the Ibn-e-Arabi foundation in Pakistan in 2015 CE. Ibn-e-Arabi passed away on 16th November 1240 CE, and buried in Damascus, Syria.

Who was Ibn-e-Arabi | Short Video

“If the believer realized the meaning of the saying ‘The color of the water is the color of the holder’, he would confess the rationality of all the beliefs and he would acknowledge Allah in every form and everything of faith.” (Ibn-e- Arabi, Fusus al-hikam)

If we traverse the history of Ibn-e-Arabi, it becomes obvious that he actually met with Ertugrul Ghazi of Kayi tribe many times. As mentioned earlier, Sadr al-Din al-Qunawi was an important heir of Ibn-e-Arabi. It has been reported that Ibn-e-Arabi forecasted about the new state as the Seljuk state was about to finish. He also told about a valiant man who will set up an empire which will remain for Centuries and also will fulfill the hadith of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) about the win of Constantinople. That’s the reason why, the Ottoman Empire saw themselves acceded by the opening declarations of the Shaykh al-Akbar Ibn-e-Arabi and they also espoused his teachings and orders.

Who was Baycu Noyan in History | Dirilis Ertugrul

Who was Baycu Noyan

Who was Baycu Noyan in History | Mongol Commander in Dirilis Ertugrul

In order to enlarge the Mongol Empire, Ogedei Khan nominated a Mongol chief named Baycu Noyan in Persia (Present-day Iran) during 1230-1260 CE, who replaced Chormagan (Mongol chief and part of Keshik). Baiju gains power in 1241/42 CE and he assaulted the Seljuk Empire (Rum) in the war of Kos Dag. In this battle, he suppressed Seljuks. Baycu Noyan and his sister Alangoya or Almila also seemed in the Dirilis Ertugrul season in which Baris Bagci was playing Baycu Noyan and GonulNagiyeva was playing the role of his sister. Alangoya was very brutal and barbarous. She infected the Kayi tribe and eluded Ertugrul Bey by altering her name to Almila. Now come towards the war of Kos Dag. In 1242-43 CE, Baiju directed the Mongolian army in this battle in which they assaulted Rum and laid blockade to Erzurum.

The Seljuk Sultan Kaykhusraw ll requested for help to the nearby countries. Trebizond sent army while Sultan made a group of Frankish professional soldiers which includes some Georgian nobles like Pharadavla of Akhaltsikhe and Dardinshervashidze. Despite of that most of the Georgians were forced to brawl from the Mongol side. On 26th June 1243 CE, the fight started in the field of Kose Dag. The exact number of Seljuk soldiers is not confirmed but Seljuks were large in number as collate to Mongols. His Georgian officer got terrified. Also Read,

Noyan motivated his troops and told them not to be afraid of a huge number of Seljuks by saying that it will be our dignity to conquer a large number of troops. Kaykhusraw ll, without waiting for the Mongol assault, attacked Mongols with a huge army of 20,000 men But Mongols pulled back and conquered. After being conquered in the battlefield Kaykhusraw ll, chiefs and some soldiers escape from the battlefield. Mongols tenanted the cities of Sivas and Kayseri of Seljuks. Kaykhusraw ll runs away to Antalya. Seljuk Empire became a liege state for Mongols; they liberated David Vll Ulu, to defy the decision of Queen Rosudan. He permitted David Ulu at the throne of Georgia.

Who was Baycu Noyan in History | Brief Video

However, Mongols kept their liege with small attacks. Later, Baycu Noyan ordered to assault Syria in 1246 CE. They also assaulted Abbasid Caliphate in Iraq twice from 1238-1246 CE, but they got few wins. When Ogedei Khan passed away, Baycu was succeeded by Guyuk with Eljigidei in 1246 CE, but his whole family was banished on the succession of Mongke Khan in 1251-52. But the Abbasids of Baghdad and Assassins of Elbruz mountains were free until the succession of Hulagu Khan in 1255 CE.

However, Baycu could not enlarge the Mongol Empire further because Hulagu Khan made a new chief in 1255 CE. And Baycu worked under the leadership of new chief in many campaigns such as Seljuk Empire 1256, Baghdad in 1258, and advanced on Syria towards Egypt in 1259 CE. After the departure of Hulagu Khan in 1260 CE, the Mongol army was exhausted and Ktabuqa directed the remaining Mongol army. Rashid al-Din said that Hulagu Khan killed Baycu Noyan because he failed in ceasing the army of Golden Horde from running to Russia. However, Shiemun, the son of Chormagon confiscated the charge of his office.

Who was Sheikh Edebali in History | Mentor of Osman Ghazi

Who was Sheikh edebali

Who was Sheikh Edebali in History | Mentor of Osman Ghazi

Sheikh Edebali was born in 1206 in Inac, Turkey. He was a well known Turkish Sufi famous for his virtue and education. He is also popular with the name of Baliseyh. He performed a vital role in establishing the shape and strategies of the developing Ottoman Empire. Being the successor of the Banu Tamim race and Al-Khater ancestry, he was much esteemed and admired in the religious people of the Muslim world of that age. Ertugrul Ghazi and his descendants saw a collated type of The Holy Quran at his place.

Who was Sheikh Edebali in History | Brief Video Must Watch

Ertugrul Ghazi was in the good books of Sheikh Edebali. Sheikh Edebali frequently used to devolve the teachings of Islam to Ertugrul Ghazi. They also accustomed to talk about different affairs of the disperse population of Anatolia.Osman Ghazi was also accustomed to visit Sheikh Edebali frequent times. He loved to be in his closeness and thus Sheikh Edebali became his religious adviser. Later, Sheikh Edebali also girds him with the sword of Ghazi.

Sheikh Edebali had two descendants Mahmud Pasha and Mehmed Pasha, and two girls Malhun Hatun and Rabia Bala Hatun. Bala Hatun wedded to Osman Ghazi. Sheikh Edebali died in 1326 CE, at the age of 120 years. He was buried in Bilecik, Turkey.Before his demise, Sheikh Edebali counseled his son in law, Osman Ghazi who established and developed the Ottoman Empire which continued for the next six centuries.

These well-known words are:


History of Kongar | Goktug Alp

History of Kongar

History of Kongar | Who was Goktug Alp | Right hand of Mongol Balgay

Welcome back with another historical article on Historical TV. Today, I will tell you about the real history of the good-looking and valiant fighter who is much attractive even he was against the Kayis. In Kurulus Osman, an actor named Burak Celik joined series while playing an important role of Kongar or Goktug. After viewing Kongar/ Goktug in the Kurulus Osman season, viewers started looking about this vital character in history. View this video till the end to learn about the complete life history of Kongar.

As we are well aware that Mongols were at their climax during the initial state of the Ottoman Empire. At that time, their only purpose was the enlargement of the Mongol Empire. So, they raided every land and every city which came across their path. When Mongols extended the Anatolia, they also attacked the Turkish tribes residing there to force them to obey or accomplish them. As we have also seen in Dirilis Ertugrul, Mongols invaded the Kayi tribe many times. But Ertugrul triumphed in responding to their assaults along with the assistance of his Alps. But there were many other Turkish tribes too. So, the family of the Kongar has also belonged to one of those tribes. His tribe’s name is still unknown.

The father of Kongar and Konur Alp was also an army person who was brawling against the Mongols at that time. Once, the Mongols invaded their tribe and some Mongolian Troopers reached near to the tent of Kongar and Konur Alp, who were concealing along with their mother. They entered the tent by force and tried to seize the children. Both Kongar and Konur Alp were teenaged at that time. Their mother got murdered by the Mongolian troopers while trying to rescue her children. At that time, the elder brother Konur Alp succeeded in running away from there but the younger Kongar was caught. The Mongolian troopers took him and selled him in the serf market. A Mongolian commander named Balgay purchased him when he was a teenage.

Konur Alp History | Brief video Must Watch

The elder brother Konur Alp triumphed in reaching the Kayi tribe and later became a vital and closest companion of Osman Ghazi. On the other hand, Kongar was looked after by Balgay, who indoctrinates him about his religion and teenage memories. Kongar totally forgot his past. But Konur Alp still remembers his past. Kongar became a valiant fighter and Balgay was vanquishing a lot of areas by using him.  And this was the cause that made Balgay wish for the throne of the Mongol Empire. While attacking the areas, Balgay came to Kayi tribe. It was the time when Konur Alp acknowledged his brother. He was not ready to accept that his brother was brawling against him.  But he was forced to confess that after watching the mark on his neck.

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From then, Konur Alp started to apprise to usher Kongar back to him. And the time came when he triumphed in regressing Kongar to Islam. Then Kongar also demonstrated himself a prime spy. He supported the Osman Ghazi to vanquish the Mongols. There is not any information accessible regarding his teenage and burial place. He consumed his entire life while brawling in the battlefields. It can be guessed that he would be buried near to his brother Konur Alp whose mausoleum is approximated to be located in Konuralp village in Duzce province, Turkey. And Allah (SWT) knows the best.

Who was Samsa Alp-Samsa Cavus

samsa alp

Who was Samsa Alp | Real History of Samsa Cavus

First of all, it should be comprehensible to you that in Resurrection Dirilis Ertugrul, the character of Samsa Alp who died in the season, and now in Kurulus Osman the role of Samsa Cavus are the same person or different personalities from the history of the Ottoman state. People noticed the difference because the producers of Resurrection Dirilis Ertugrul had to show Samsa Alp die because of some personal reasons being told by the actor following the end of the agreement. Samsa Alp was one of the great fighters of Ertugrul Ghazi and also from those who reached Sogut along with him. There is no information accessible about his early life. Samsa Alp / Samsa Cavus was one of those Alps who was confounded with long lives like Bamsi Alp, Turgut Alp, and Abdurrahman Ghazi who planned a vital role and had their names sculptured in the basis of the Ottoman state. Samsa Cavus was also one of those who consumed their lives under the leadership of Ertugrul Ghazi, Osman Ghazi, and then Orhan Ghazi. When Ertugrul Ghazi reached Sogut, Samsa Cavus was with him along with his tribe. He participated in many fights for mutual credence and to have an independent state for their tribes. Then during the reign of Osman Ghazi, Samsa Cavus supported him to set up an independent state of Muslims.

In the end, during the rule of Orhan Ghazi, he worked as the proficient guard of the Ottoman Empire. Samsa Alp was the first ever person who was designated the subtitle of “Cavus” which means Sergeant (master). But the duties and rights were much more complicated than an ordinary sergeant of today. Samsa Alp passed away after 1330 CE. Samsa Cavus was buried in Hacimusalar village near Mudurnu where his mausoleum still present today.

Ismail Hakki was playing his role in Kurulus Osman season. But he withdrew from the series just in the beginning because of some personal cause which he has not described. Mehmet Bozdag has not given any declaration about this issue. But Ismail Hakki has distinctly described that COVID-19 is not the cause. Whatever, the reason, we wish him best of luck for future ventures. The news is rumoring that GurkanUygan who is a well known actor in Payitaht Abdulhamid, will be playing his character.

History of Konur Alp in Kurulus Osman

konur alp

Konur Alp History in Kurulus Osman | Companion of Osman Ghazi

Before becoming the chief of the Kayi tribe, Osman Ghazi participated in many fights. In all his training and fights, some people were always with him and were very close to him. They all accustomed to go to different offensives and hunting voyages. Konur Alp was also one of those Alps that resemble Turgut Alp, Bamsi Alp, Abdurrahman Ghazi, SamsaCavus and Aykut Alp. After becoming the chief of Kayi tribe, all these close friends of Osman Ghazi became his most trusted warriors who lead a lot of assaults that took the Ottoman Empire to set up. Then the entire world saw a day when Osman Ghazi became the first eminent Sultan of the Ottoman Empire. Konur Alp was amid those trusted chiefs having anomaly.

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Konur was also one of the first chief who works for the Ottoman Empire in its initiation stage. After the demise of Osman Ghazi, Konur Alp was the most trusted chief of Orhan Ghazi. Konur Alp was sent to vanquish the black sea areas under his rule. During that offensive, he vanquished areas like Akyazi, Melen River, and Mudurnu. These regions were named after him as Konur Alp Township in Duzce province, Turkey.

Real History of Konur Alp | A Brief to watch

In the great win of Aydos fort, Konur Alp was accompanying Abdurrahman Ghazi. Konur Alp also displayed great religious and army administration skills in the win of Bursa (1326 CE) but passed away exactly the same year, while doing preparations for the win of Iznik. It is assumed that Konur Alp was buried in the same Konur Alp Township which was named after him. The sepulcher outside the mausoleum of Ertugrul Ghazi is an honorary one. The district Hedek of Adapazari and the valley of Mellen River were named after him as KONURAPA.  The towns and villages like KonurHaciobasi, KonurDanaciobasi, etc are presently named after him even today. A museum named Konuralp Museum was built in Duzce province, Turkey on November 8th, 1994 CE by the ministry of culture.


History of White Beards in Dirilis Ertugrul

White Beards

White Beards History in Dirilis Ertugrul | A Secret Organization of Turks

White beards have been seen supporting the leaders in Dirilis Ertugrul, Kurulus Osman, and Ihtyarlar. Some people named them as Heyet in history. According to historical literature, Mete Han is believed to be the creator of this secret corporation. But in TV series like Dirilis Ertugrul and Payitaht Abdulhamid, the initiator of White beards is not described. As you can watch in TV series Dirilis Ertugrul, Ertugrul Ghazi was also a part of White beards secret organization that accustomed to give pieces of advice and intelligence-based information to Ertugrul. This origin of information was also shifted to Osman Ghazi.

Here, the question raises that how Osman Ghazi established an Empire from a tribe without any surveillance and army power? So, there must be a confidential source for all these to assist him. It is believed after strong theories about white beards that they disengaged with the Ottomans after Sultan Mehmed ll vanquished Constantinople because the Ottoman state had become powerful enough to govern the whole world. You may watch the familiar sign as Heyet on screen. This one was sketched by Sultan Mehmed the winner in 1452 CE. Kilitlibahir palace / Canakkale are that ones taken from the Payitaht Abdulhamid series.

White Beards Real History | Watch a Brief Video

According to Dedekorkut, Aksakals Turks are the intelligent people among the public who resolve the issues and they are named as Ashiks (Storyteller). This phrase is used as Bey of a tribe in the early centuries. The well-known historian Rashad Al-din Hamdani narrated Dedekorkut as a real person. He reached to The Holy Prophet (PBUH) and embraced Islam. Nobody can even presume the fate of Oghuz Turks; it was the time when the Holy Prophet (PBUH) forecasted about the win of Constantinople.


After arriving back, he told the Oghuz sovereign of that time about it. From then, Oghuz Bey began operating a white beards organization. They picked their best Alps and sent them to gather information. The Seljuk Empire of Rum also kept the same lore and Ottoman Sultans certainly began the use of spies in the decision making procedure. There were four different categories of secret agents; the first scrutiny was the front Akinjis, then Deliler for finding facts and the white beards the concealed ones and then the Alps for implementing the orders. When Khorasan, Central Asia, and the Caucasus were vanquished by the attackers, they murdered many white beards because they contemplated them as the masterminds of the resistance. White beards accustomed to show themselves by placing their signs on buildings. The formerly depicted signs show their existence in history and made the theories stronger about them.

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Now you are thinking about their existence when Non-Muslims are trying to control Muslims in the entire world. So, we should always keep in mind that the white beards are also a human beings; their surveillance and assistance maybe sometimes do not work. Sultan Abdulhamid tried to set up such a secret organization but he faced too many problems and cannot find the right people for the right duty as it was done centuries before.

Kurulus Osman Episode 26 English and Urdu Subtitles

Kurulus Osman

Kurulus Osman Episode 25 Full Review

Balgay realizes that Kongar is not telling the truth and tries to convert him towards the Mongolian side again. Kongar tries to withstand the torments of Balgay, but Balgay gives him venom. Osman Bey contends with Hazal because of the actions of the Zohre Hatun.  While Hazal is anticipating thanks to everyone, she gets annoyed with this investigation. Osman Bey tries to search out from where Zohre obtained the venom. In Kurulus Osman Episode 25, Bala Hatun tells that she knows about this venom and it reveals that venom was made by Byzantine. Konur and Boran frame up a trap to capture the fake doctor. Meanwhile, Subutay and Mongolian troopers are advancing towards the Byzantine fort. Princess Sofia gets annoyed at the fake doctor. The fake doctor informs that Zohre is deceased. Princess Sofia says the fake doctor to conceal and resists Subutay. Subutay places a mat on the floor and begins eating. Princess Sofia takes a seat with him and starts chat. Subutay tells that Geyhatu Khan came back to Konya and took the duty of murdering Osman from him. Subutay tells that it is enough to bring Osman Bey and his Alps out of the tribe. Princess Sofia speaks that it is serene to bring out Osman Bey from the plain. Konur ceases the fake doctor while he is escaping. Boran and Konur murder the Byzantine troopers and capture the doctor. The fake doctor tells that Zohre ought the venom, but Konur does not agree with him. The fake doctor then reveals the facts and tells that Princess Sofia is culpable. The doctor tells that Subutay is in the fort and that he will collaborate with Sofia to rescue his life. Sofia places a toxic dagger on the neck of Salvador and speaks to him. Subutay holds up and says that he has altered the religion of Salvador to deceive Osman Bey. Princess Sofia cuts the throat of Salvador a bit.

Burcin tells that she is sad for what she has done. Bamsi tells that he pardons Burcin and tries to make her cheerful again. Bamsi chats about Aybars and manifests his belongings to Burcin. Bamsi tells that he will offer the belongings of Aybars to Siddiq. Princess Sofia speaks that she will send Salvador to Osman Bey. Meanwhile, Konur comes back to the plain and informs Osman Bey what he obtained from the fake doctor. Osman Bey gets the news of the alliance of Subutay and Sofia. Osman Bey says Gunduz Bey that they should take more provisions in the plain. Subutay and Sofia reach to the secret place of Balgay. Balgay inquires why Sofia came. Subutay tells that she came for a union. Balgay tells that it is not an easy job to murder Osman Bey. In Kurulus Osman Episode 25, Princess Sofia tells that she gave venom to Salvador and sent him to Osman. Balgay tells that Subutay will utilize Kongar to execute his plan. A witch doctor affects Kongar completely. Balgay speaks to Kongar and lies to him. Salvador reaches injured in the Kayi plain. Bamsi approaches to his son. Osman Bey speaks to Siddiq and realizes that Sofia poisoned him. Bamsi tries to rescue the life of his son. Meanwhile, Balgay informs Kongar about his scheme and tells him to take Osman Bey somewhere outside the plain. Subutay frames up to assault the plain in the absence of Osman Bey. Siddiq passed away in the arms of his father, Bamsi. Bamsi thanks to Almighty Allah for what occurred with Siddiq.

Bamsi Alp prays for his descendant and tells that he will bury Siddiq next to Aybars. Burcin presents a Kayi flag and Bamsi raps it over Siddiq. Bahadir and Hazal discuss about the actions of Zohre Hatun. Hazal says her son Bahadir that plain is controlled by Osman Bey, not Gunduz Bey, and tells Bahadir not to forget his task. Hazal desires that Bahadir should obtain friendship and trust of Osman Bey. Aygul strolls lonely in the forest and thinks about what occurred. Aygul contemplates of her brother and starts chasing him. All Kayis participates in the funeral of Siddiq. Meanwhile, Kongar returns to the graveyard and tells that Balgay realized everything. Kongar tells the location of the new headquarters of Balgay and that he attached to the union of Subutay and Sofia. In Kurulus Osman Episode 25, Osman Bey and his Alps set forth to murder their foes. Subutay informs Sofia and Balgay how to assault the Kayi plain. Sofia speaks that she will participate in this assault and will direct her troopers. Bahadir speaks to Osman Bey and tells that he desires to join the battle. Osman Bey accepts the request of Bahadir and continues to work together. Burcin informs Bala and Selcan Hatun that Aygul has vanished. Selcan Hatun tells troopers and Dundar to search Aygul. Osman Bey says Kongar to take rest but Kongar denies. Osman Bey and his troopers make their final devising and take action to assault where Kongar highlighted.

Osman Bey and Bamsi secretly murder Mongolian security guards. Bala Hatun tells that she knows the location of Aygul and they reach there all together. Selcan Hatun says everyone to conceal. Hazal is confidentially going somewhere. Selcan Hatun sends Burcin and Bala to search Aygul and starts chasing Hazal. Osman Bey gives the sign of assault and assault begins. Osman Bey considers that all Mongolian troopers are deceased and approaches to Balgay, but this is a trap. Osman Bey perceives that Subutay is not present there. Kongar takes out his sword and assaults Osman Bey. In Kurulus Osman Episode 25, Konur ceases his brother but is seriously wounded. The fight between the Turks and the Mongols starts. Kongar and Osman Bey start to brawl. Osman Bey tries to refresh his memory, but Kongar does not remember anything about his past. Osman Bey hits Kongar and begins brawling Balgay. Meanwhile, Bamsi Alp and the other troopers assault Cerkutay. While Mongol troopers are brawling, Cerkutay runs away.  Bamsi says Alps that they should approach to Osman Bey. Dundar Bey and Gunduz Bey start searching for Aygul. Selcan Hatun continues to chase Hazal and perceives her speaking to someone.

Bamsi and Alps assist Osman, but Balgay runs away. Osman Bey starts chasing Balgay and wounded Cerkutay. Kongar assaults again. Bamsi defeats Kongar. Bala and Burcin find Aygul. Then Dundar and Gunduz Bey reach there. Aygul reminds that her mother was murdered and starts to cry. Dundar Bey tries to quite her daughter. Subutay addresses to the Mongol troopers and tells them to murder everyone. Mongolian and Byzantine troopers slink into the Kayi plain and assault starts. Mongolian troopers under the leadership of Subutay, assault the plain at full speed. In Kurulus Osman Episode 25, Princess Sofia realizes that this is a trap, but it’s too late. Kayis come out of their concealed places and start assaulting. Mongolian and Byzantine troopers despairingly try to protect themselves. The Turks encircle the Mongols. Osman Bey has already returned to the plain since he realized the Mongols intentions. Hazal gets the news from her brother that Subutay will assault the Kayis. Byzantine troopers and Sofia are captured in the corner. All the Kayis assault both Mongols and Byzantine troopers withal their power. Balgay and Cerkutay view this fight from a distance and say he will murder Osman Bey to bring back his son Kongar. Osman Bey assaults Subutay.

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Watch Kurulus Osman Episode 25 English, Urdu Subtitles

kurulus osman episode 25

Kurulus Osman Episode 24 Full Synopsis

Byzantine troopers try to capture Princess Sofia. Sofia murders troopers sent by the emperor in the forest. Osman Bey and Bala Hatun chat with each other. Aygul thinks of her brother Batur and believes he is alive. Zohre goes to Aygul and learns that she is acting oddly. Aygul tries to falsify by using the sod. Zohre says that Batur will not return, but Aygul does not agree with her mother.  Zohre once again says that Batur is deceased. Aygul does not believe in reality. Zohre starts crying and tries to quiet Aygul. Aygul gets annoyed and tries to choke her mother. Zohre smacks Aygul and rescues herself. Osman Bey and Bala Hatun sit beneath a tree. Osman Bey holds the hand of Bala Hatun and chats about the future. Bala tells she will assist Osman Bey as much as she can, but she does not aware if she can give birth to his child. Osman Bey tells that Allah is aware of everything and will bestow them with children in the future. Osman Bey and Bala Hatun hold up. Osman Bey tells that Turkish people will join in the future and set up a blessed state.

Dundar Bey takes a seat in front of the tent and observes Aygul. Aygul exhibits her flowers to her mother and says to them that she gathered them along with Batur. The deeds and cues of Aygul make her father cry. Zohre inquires how they can cure Aygul. Dundar Bey tells that Gunduz Bey is searching for a good doctor. Zohre says that her partner should eat something, but Dundar tells them he is very distress about what happened. Meanwhile, Hazal Hatun reaches to the plain. Cerkutay goes to speak to Subutay. Subutay tells he intends to speak to Balgay and inquires him about his location. In Kurulus Osman Episode 24, Cerkutay says that he will not betray Balgay.  Subutay places his sword on the neck of Cerkutay and menaces him. While Zohre presents food to Dundar, she watches Hazal is coming to the plain and the food drops from her hands. Hazal reaches to Dundar and speaks to him. Hazal later tells that she is distress about what happened. Gunduz and Bamsi watch Hazal came. Gunduz Bey welcomes Hazal. Bahadir reaches to his mother Hazal. Hazal intends to give the gold sent by her brother to Gunduz, But Gunduz denies it. Selcan Hatun welcomes Hazal and speaks to her. Hazal tells that she will stay there for some time. Princess Sofia goes back to the fortress and Salvador meets her. Sofia tells that the troopers of the emperor are chasing her and it will be dangerous to leave the fort.

Salvador tells that he will take all the provisions, but Princess Sofia says that this will be inadequate. Sofia tells that the only force to save her from the emperor is the Kayi tribe. Sofia sends Salvador towards the Kayi tribe and tells she intends to make an alliance with them.  Sofia is prepared to do everything for the formation of this alliance and will agree to all the conditions of Osman Bey. Hazal Hatun inquires about the location of Osman Bey. Gunduz Bey tells that Osman Bey is doing wedding preparations. Meanwhile, Osman Bey and Bala Hatun return to the plain. Bala pecks the hand of Hazal Hatun. Hazal says to Bahadir that she has returned to the plain because of what occurred. Hazal tells that Bahadir should not be held responsible for the misdeeds of Alisar. After Salvador leaves the fortress, Sofia informs Helen why she did so. In Kurulus Osman Episode 24, Sofia tells that she intends to save time until Geyhatu Khan reaches to Sogut. Hazal tells that Bahadir made an error but did not betray. Osman Bey tells that Ertugrul Bey will decide about the Bahadir. Hazal hears to Osman Bey but tells that the uncles of Bahadir will not agree to the decisions that mean his life. Osman Bey says that he does not intend to harm Hazal, but nobody should be intricate. Osman Bey bids everyone to his wedding and leaves. Cerkutay takes Subutay to the secret place of Balgay. Subutay confiscates food from the plate of Balgay and begins to eat.

Subutay and Balgay start a discussion about Geyhatu Khan. Subutay tells that the troopers died who suppose to assist Balgay. Balgay gets annoyed and takes out his sword. Subutay tells that Balgay is still precious for Geyhatu Khan and that he must concede Osman Bey. A monk named Alexis comes to speak to Sofia and says that he is distress about what occurred to Yannis. Princess Sofia tells that the daughter of Dundar was ill, and they were searching for a doctor. Alexis tells that he is not a doctor, but Sofia says she requires a magician and gives him a concoction. Selcan and Osman Bey discuss the Hazal. Osman Bey believes that Hazal returned because of something else. Zohre goes to Hazal and speaks to her. Hazal allocates someone to chase Zohre. Kongar and Balgay exercise the sword brawl and discuss the Osman Bey. Balgay sends Cerkutay to Osman Bey and asks him to inform him that they are ready to brawl Geyhatu Khan. According to the scheme of Balgay, while Osman Bey is doing preparations for the wedding, Cerkutay will murder him. Konur and Boran make a wager on who will secure the race in the evening. Abdurrahman Ghazi and Bamsi Bey discuss the wedding of Osman Bey. Meanwhile, Salvador reaches to the plain.

Aygul reaches while Selcan Hatun and Bala are baking for the wedding. The condition of the Aygul is getting worse and she begins to think she has a baby. Salvador informs Osman Bey and Gunduz Bey that Princess Sofia intends to make an alliance. Osman Bey believes that Sofia has other schemes. Bamsi defies to this alliance. Osman Bey perceives that Sofia has made this scheme to save time and tells that he has terms for the alliance. Osman Bey tells Sofia to declare that he is the owner of the fortress, come to the Kayi tribe and concede, and embrace Islam and marry Konur. Salvador set forth to the fortress. The doctor sent by Sofia reaches to the plain and speaks to Dundar Bey. Kongar chases Cerkutay to prevent him from murdering Osman Bey and brawls with him. The imitation doctor inspects Aygul and gives Zohre medicine. The doctor says he intends to chat to Zohre about some other topic. Mongolian troopers try to cease Kongar. Balgay reaches and hits Kongar with a toxin arrow. Balgay by force swallows a drug into Kongar. The doctor tells that Sofia sent him and gives him a toxin to feed the goats. Those who devour these poisoned goats will die.

Osman Bey and his companions compete for carrying goats. Osman Bey procures the race. Hazal Hatun and Dundar Bey chat alone in a secret place. Dundar tells he is dejected. Hazal tries to enhance the confidence of Dundar. The fake doctor goes back to the fortress and tells that he has fulfilled his duty. Princess Sofia tells that she will take retribution from Yannis that night and turn the Kayi plain into a graveyard. Selcan Hatun selects the goats to be cooked for the feast. Then Zohre covertly approaches these goats and gives them toxic food.  According to the Turkish lore, the wedding of Osman Bey starts that evening. Osman Bey gambols for Bala Hatun. Bamsi Bey reads rhyme before the feast starts. Dundar Bey does not attend the wedding of Osman Bey and ponders about his mistakes. Osman Bey orders to chant songs.

Gunduz Bey chats with Sheikh Edebali and requests him to pray. Sheikh Edebali prays to Almighty Allah. Sheikh Edebali prays to be honest, empathetic, and victorious in the Alps. Aygul proceeds to her father and requests her father to go to Osman’s wedding. Dundar Bey welcomes the request of his daughter and attends the wedding together. Osman Bey stands up and greets his uncle. Hazal Hatun perceives that Zohre is restive, but Zohre refuses this.
Everyone at the wedding eats the cooked goat meat. Zohre spouts a drink on Aygul and quit the table. Zohre says Dundar Bey to come with them.   When Osman Bey is about to begin the meal, Hazal Hatun ceases everyone and says that no one should eat goat meat. Osman Bey inquires what occurred. Hazal tells that the betrayer Zohre poisoned the food. Zohre asserts that Hazal is lying. Then Hazal tells Zohre to eat goat meat. Zohre denies and assaults Hazal instantly. Hazal ceases Zohre and cuts her throat. Zohre dies. Gunduz Bey gets annoyed with Hazal, but Hazal tells she is aware of everything. Osman Bey inquires why Hazal has not disclosed the reality before. Hazal speaks that everyone incurs their lives to her. Watch Kurulus Osman Episode 25. it will be uploaded here

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Watch Mehmed Bir Cihan Fatihi English & Urdu Subtitles

mehmed bir cihan fatihi

Mehmed Bir Cihan Fatihi (The Conqueror) Full Synopsis

Mehmed: The Conqueror is the TV series regarding the life history of Ottoman Sultan Mehmed Fateh, who vanquished Constantinople. The series begins from the 15th century. In 1451, Shehzade Mehmed departed from Manisa to Edirne to move up the throne after the demise of his father Murad Khan. Mehmed has a big dream. Win of Constantinople, the most valuable city. However, he has hindrances in the way of his dream. He has to prevail over these obstacles. Shehzade Orhan, another applicant for the throne, was in Constantinople. King Constantinos intends to put Shehzade Orhan in charge of the Ottoman Empire and decides to send Orhan to Edirne. Candarli Halil Pasha, who is holding back for them in Edirne, will assist them for the throne; this will lead to a new period in the Ottoman Empire.

Sultan Mehmed returned to the city where he was uncrowned many years ago to become Sultan again. The reminiscences of his childhood in Edirne slump on him like an incubus. While he is thinking about, what he will decide about Candarli. He chases Shehzade Orhan who is asserting the throne. In Mehmed Bir Cihan Fatihi, When Orhan took shelter in Byzantine land, all balances altered. Eleni, who was compelled to marry Shehzade Orhan, faced Sultan Mehmed in Edirne. Byzantine is coming to the verge of war with the Ottomans, the decision of Sultan Mehmed will alter the history. Sultan Mehmed, who returned to Edirne with the assistance of Mara Hatun, manages to get the throne with the authority of the principalities that combined with him.

Candarli Halil Pasha has no option and surrender to Sultan Mehmed. Shehzade Orhan which was assisted by Byzantines was late. Shehzade Orhan, who has become the prey of Sultan Mehmed, can not follows the schemes of the Greek ruler Constantinos. On hearing the news that Mehmed has reached the throne, the Byzantine Empire was compelled to make new moves. They are conscious of the risk that will come when Mehmed reached to the throne. Because they realized that Mehmed will brawl for his Constantinople dream. Moreover, the assistance of Orhan by Byzantine territory causes Mehmed to be more staunched.

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Sultan Mehmed continues his task for the vanquishing of Constantinople secretly. For this reason, Zaganos Pasha, Sahabeddin Pasha, Architect Muslihuddin and his adviser Aksemseddin prepare the schemes for Constantinople behind concealed walls of the Ottoman palace. Concealing his schemes from the Grand Vizier Chandarli Halil Pasha and Ishak Pasha, Mehmed is intended not to repeat his mistakes. Candarli has other schemes to control Mehmed. Mara Hatun, the mother of Sultan Mehmed, will take her bit from these schemes. But this is not a considerable risk in the way of win. Byzantine ruler Constantinos intends to collaborate with Chandarli Halil Pasha. Asserting that he intended to marry Mara Hatun, Constantinos took action for the campaign. Constantinos, who is aware of the dream of Mehmed for Constantinople, is planning to make counterblow.

Mehmed and Delibash returned to Constantinople undercover and came as a result of the contemplative Gennadios call for assistance. Mehmed, who takes action to stop the campaign from calling, succeeds. The failure of the unity campaign with the move of Sultan Mehmed demented the Byzantine palace. After the incidents, all the Turks in the city whose gates were locked by the order of Constantinos were inquired by the Byzantine troopers. The arrest of Sultan Mehmed and Delibash is a matter of time; they are confined in the city. On the other hand, the moves of Melike made by mislaying herself, against her covetousness in Edirne. It causes Sultan Mehmed to realize the secret ha has concealed from everyone.  The learning of Melike will also turn on Chandarli Halil Pasha. The circle around Sultan Mehmed is slowly diminishing both in Edirne and Constantinople.

Aksemseddin demonstrates that destiny has chosen Mehmed at every chance and enhances self-belief of Sultan Mehmed Khan. Mehmed, with the assistance of Eleni and Pashas, can calculate how to win Constantinople. As Mehmed is preparing to make moves for Constantinople, on the other hand the Byzantine ruler Constantinos makes a scheme to tackle Mehmed. Constantinos tries to utilize Shehzade Orhan as his last trump card. Constantinos, who once again plans to resist Sultan Mehmed and Shehzade Orhan is ready to do anything for retribution. After Demetrius was taken captive, Constantinos ponders that he can beat Sultan Mehmed with the known Byzantine games and sets up a new game and allows Karamanoghlu to conquer the Ottoman lands. He ponders that he will compress Sultan Mehmed into the corner with the help of Shehzade Orhan, who has become his miniature again. Yet Constantinos is unaware of the fact, that Sultan Mehmed is conscious of everything. He is unaware that when they are after small pastimes, swords are filed, balls are manufactured, and triremes put down to water one by one. He does not realize that praying rows are getting thronged, the faith is revitalized, the sounds of prayer leaping up from Edirne to the sky are already reiterating in the cupolas of Hagia Sophia. And he does not realize that Constantinople will surely be vanquished and the beautiful leader who will vanquish it will remain on his promise to his father and turn out the Ottoman state into a world state.

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Constantine cannot believe the kidnapping and captive of his brother Demetrios. Moreover, Mara Hatun reached to the area of the Ottoman Empire. Constantinos collaborates with Karamanoghlus against Sultan Mehmed. Karamanoghlu starts to attack the lands belonging to the Ottoman domain. Constantinos who waged war in opposition to the Ottoman Empire, with the Byzantine pastimes, intends to finish the dream of Mehmed of Constantinople. But this will not be an easy job for Constantinos to do so. A venture is made in opposition of the Karamanoghlu, who attempt to attack the lands belonging to the Ottoman Empire. Sultan Mehmed and other Pashas, who forecasted that the Byzantine Empire was assisting to Karamanoghlu, they desired to resolve this issue as soon as possible for the Constantinople.

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Watch Yunus Emre Season 1 & 2 English and Urdu Subtitles

yunus emre

Yunus Emre Season 1 & 2 Synopsis

Yunus Emre was born in 1238 and he spent his life at the end of Seljuk territory. In that era, Mongols have occupied Anatolia and people were distressed, helpless, and poor. Yunus Emre has attempted to give forbearance, love, and righteousness to the Anatolian people for his entire life. He was one of the early poets who wrote in their mother language, Turkish rather than Arabic and Persian. He wrote so many poems in the Turkish language, that was the major reason he became so famous and efficacious in a short span of time. The main origins of his works are Turkish history, mythology, Islam, Love of Allah, and the persistent searching for the sagacity. Yunus Emre moved to Iraq, Iran, East side of Anatolia, Azerbaijan and many other places because he was searching for knowledge. He was tutee of Tapduk Emre and he greatly esteemed him for his entire life. He died in 1320 in Anatolia.

Yunus Emre Askin Yolculugu began in 2015 and it has two seasons telecasted on screen. In the first season, the viewers watch the struggle of Yunus Emre with his Nafs (self-esteem, epitome). In the second season, viewers watch the Yunus Emre who searches for the truth and the sagacity. Yunus Emre had served as a Qadi (The judge in Sharia Law) and he was assigned to Nallihan. Yunus Emre was full of self-respect with the strength he received from the judgeship and he abominates other people. However, before he reaches Nallihan, he comes across Tapduk Emre, whom he does not realize yet. Tapduk Emre did not even gaze at him and that made Yunus Emre insane. He did not comprehend why he did not acclaim him and did not behave towards him better.

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After that, Yunus Emre fell ill and required a doctor. He met with a non-muslim doctor Mikel and exhibited his foot. Doctor examined his foot. Yunus Emre inquired from doctor,” tell me, does this injury effect inside my foot?” The doctor said” I am only a doctor, I cannot see inside. Only Sheikh Tapduk Emre can visualize outside and inside.”Yunus Emre astonished by this response and he gradually started to give respect to Tapduk Emre. After some time, Yunus Emre commenced to his search and found the dargah (Khanqah) of Tapduk Emre. The incidents in the TV series occur through Tapduk Emre, Yunus Emre, and Molla Kasim. The struggle of Yunus Emre with Molla Kasim comes from himself, because Molla Kasim is the contemplation of Yunus Emre.  The watchers can watch immatureness period, self-esteem and Nafs of Yunus Emre in Molla Kasim.

After that Yunus Emre started living in the Dargah, Tapduk Emre started giving him various tasks so Yunus Emre could refine himself and defeat his Nafs. At the start, Yunus Emre faced a lot of hurdles in these exams and trials, but he continued to perform duties assigned by Tapduk Emre. Sometimes he fell ill, he was seized and even he was kicked out of the dargah. But he did not give up and continued his search for truth and sagacity. When he returned to the dargah, Yunus Emre started writing poems and become a better Sufi. But the daughter of Tapduk Emre, Bacim Sultan fell in love with Yunus Emre. But not only Bacim Sultan was in love with him but many others. Zahide also loved Yunus Emre and became very serious when Candaroglu Argun Bey asked Tapduk Emre to marry his daughter Bacim to his son Sahin Bey.

This news of Bacim wedding ruined Yunus Emre and this love became a great trial for him. Bacim Sultan denied marrying Sahin Bey and holding her love about Yunus Emre. Candaroglu Argun Bey told Yunus Emre to be Qadi (Judge) again because he did not want him to be in the dargah. After this unpredicted offer, Yunus Emre got astonished but he denied to this offer. Candaroglu Argun Bey got angry and he framed up a trap. Qadi Ilyas hold responsible Tapduk Emre of some false observers. Yunus tried to rescue his Sheikh and he attained this. A letter was sent to Yunus Emre by Zahide and they met at someplace. Zahide admitted her love but Yunus escaped from there because of his awkwardness. Candaroglu Argun Bey got this news and murdered Zahide because of his vexation. They put Argun Bey in prison. Molla Kasim went to jail to see his uncle. His uncle gave all his money to Molla Kasim. He got astonished after this incident and went to Bacim Sultan. Molla Kasim proposed Bacim Sultan but she refused. Molla Kasim started preparations to quit the dargah. After that, he went out and made his own dargah.

After a long time, he became a popular Sheikh and returned to the dargah of Tapduk Emre. The dargah was destroyed and Tapduk Emre had already died 30 years ago. Molla Kasim got into the room of Yunus Emre and noticed the notes of Adem. These notes illustrated everything. According to these notes, when Molla Kasim has left the dargah, Yunus Emre set forth outside to travel. Molla Kasim traveled a lot and after a long period returned to the dargah. But his Sheikh Tapduk Emre became sightless and he could not recognize Yunus Emre.  Yunus Emre requested that he desired to live in dargah again, Tapduk Emre accepted his request. Yunus Emre performed duties in dargah for many years and at last Tapduk Emre married his daughter Bacim Sultan with Yunus Emre. Bacim Sultan gave birth to a son named Ibrahim. Yunus Emre continued working for dargah until Tapduk Emre said to him, “You should not stay here anymore; two dervishes cannot stay at a single place.” By telling this, he informed Yunus Emre that he was a dervish now; he has got the position for which he was struggling.

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When Molla Kasim read all the records of Yunus Emre, he got everything about Yunus. He found out one of the poems of Yunus Emre. He got crazy and lost himself after reading the poem. The next morning, he went to an embankment and blazed all the records so nobody could realize what occurred and what Yunus Emre said in his writing.  At the end of the series, Yunus Emre began to walk in the middle of nowhere and he listened to his Sheik Tapduk Emre. He continued walking and found the walking stick of his Sheikh. He realized that it was the time for him to go to immortality. He read a poem and kept walking.

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Kurulus Osman Episode 23 English, Urdu and Bangla Subtitles

kurulus osman 23 bolum

Kurulus Osman Episode 22 Full Episode Review

Osman is found by Ahis, who was wounded while running away from the Mongols. Osman Bey and Ahis reach to the Sheikh Edebali together. Bamsi Bey tries his best to open the gate of Alisar`s manor. Dundar Bey desires to fight with Gunduz Bey.  Then Alisar orders his troopers to attack. The fight is about to start in the manor of Alisar Bey. Gunduz Bey starts to talk and tells that he understands Dundar Bey`s traitorous plan. Alisar Bey`s mind changes and he stops his troopers. Alisar Bey tells that he does not know anything and listens to Gunduz. Bamsi tells that the killer of Dundar`s son is Alisar. In Kurulus Osman, Sheikh Edebali and Bala find that Osman Bey is wounded. Sheikh Edebali and Ahis try to assist Osman Bey. Alisar says that what Gunduz Bey told about him is recline and tries to attack him. Meanwhile, Aygul reaches and stops everyone. Alisar continues to say that he is not guilty. Gunduz Bey Gunduz Bey tells Alisar not to impede with the Kayi plain, but Alisar does not agree with it. Bamsi apprises Alisar once again, but Alisar says he is trying to keep the order. Alisar Bey presents a proposal to talk and arrange a meeting the next day in Sogut.

Sheikh Edebali callus the wounds of Osman Bey and then send a message to the Kayi plain. Zohre gets annoyed and apprises Aygul for what she has done. Aygul denies her mother. Meanwhile, Alisar reaches and slaps Aygul. Alisar is very irate about what happened. Balgay begins collusion with other Mongol commanders and plans a riot against Geyhatu Khan. Balgay says that geyhatu will come to Sogut and invites troopers from all over Anatolia to execute him. Bala and Selcan Hatun despairingly wait for Osman Bey. Bala tries to speak to Osman Bey and tells him to wake up. Gunduz Bey and Bamsi reach to the plain. One of the Ahis meets them and informs the condition of Osman Bey. In Kurulus Osman, Bamsi desires to meet Osman Bey, But Gunduz Bey stops him. Gunduz Bey orders Abdurrahman Ghazi to remain on the plain and plans to set out for Sogut with Bamsi. Dundar and Bahadir are worried because of what Alisar told. Alisar speaks why he did so. Alisar`s new scheme is to murder Gunduz and Bamsi, and he selects his best troopers for this task. Ahis and Sheikh Edebali do dhikr and pray to Allah Almighty.

Meanwhile, Osman bey wakes up and starts to pray to Allah.  That night Osman bey saw a dream. In Osman Bey`s dream, the moon comes out of Sheikh Edebali`s chest and gets into Osman bey`s chest. Then a tree comes out from Osman bey`s chest. This tree flourishes rapidly and the branches of the tree cover a lot of places. Osman Bey glimpses swords and minarets in these places. Osman Bey wakes up and thinks about his dream. Meanwhile, Sheikh Edebali realizes that he is waking and goes to him. Osman Bey describes his dream to Sheikh Edebali. Sheikh Edebali hears to Osman Bey and tells that the time has come. Sheikh Edebali grants Bala to marry Osman Bey. In Kurulus Osman, Sheikh Edebali says that Allah acknowledged Osman Bey and his generation being Hakan and that many places will meet Islam thanks to Osman`s struggles. Osman Bey cries of joy. Balgay and his troopers attack the troopers of Geyhatu Khan. Balgay gets that Geyhatu is already on his way to Sogut and Alisar got a command to kill Osman. Bala reaches to Osman bey and realizes that his father grants her to marry.  Then Selcan hatun reaches there and learns the news of Osman bey and Bala`s marriage.

Dundar inquires about Alisar`s scheme and tells he is worried about Osman Bey. Alisar tells that Osman bey is now dead. Osman bey gets information about the latest incidents from Boran. Osman Bey Doubts that Alisar is about to do something. Kongar is sent to Balgay by Osman Bey. Bamsi alp and Gunduz Bey discuss about the meeting and set out together. Kongar finds Balgay`s confidential place and goes to him. Balgay demands for the Genghis Khan`s laws but Kongar tells that Osman bey lied to them. Alisar`s troopers set a trap and start waiting for Bamsi and Gunduz, but Osman`s alps execute them. Alisar and Dundar Bey go to Sogut and consider that Gunduz is already dead. In Kurulus Osman, Bamsi and Gunduz Bey reach to Sogut. Alisar sees that they are not deceased and is astonished. Balgay talks to Kongar. Kongar would like to thank Balgay for his efforts. Balgay is bothered about what Osman Bey will do, but Kongar says that he will murder Osman. Alisar and Gunduz start discussing. Gunduz wants to take back the betrayers and says that Alisar should not impede with the internal affairs of the plain. Alisar says that he will not give back the betrayers to them and the plain relies on him. Gunduz Bey objects to Alisar`s this talk.

Alisar starts to get annoyed and tension increases. Gunduz Bey ceases the Alps and says that those in the tribe are uneasy because of Alisar`s actions. Alisar announces that these lands belong to Geyhatu Khan and menaces Kayis. Gunduz Bey says that they have faith on Allah Almighty and leaves the conference. Osman Bey gets information about the confidential place of Balgay and sets out. Alisar tells that Geyhatu Khan will make the final decision regarding Kayis. Osman Bey and the Alps secretly find the Balgay`s camp and find Kongar. Kongar says that when Geyhatu khan arrives to Sogut, Balgay will attack.  Balgay tells that he will begin a fight between Geyhatu khan and Kayis and then attack Geyhatu Khan. Meanwhile, Osman Bey and his Alps enter Balgay`s base. Osman Bey says he desires to make a deal with Balgay. Alisar and Dundar Bey find dead troopers in the forest. One of the Dundar`s Alps recalls Alisar`s dead trooper and tells that he had acted like a Mongol trooper before. Dundar Bey says his Alp to remain quite. Alisar says that Osman Bey murdered his troopers, but Dundar objected. Dundar Bey tells that Commander Boke took Osman Bey to konya. Alisar and Dundar Bey disagree.

Osman Bey tries to make an accord with Balgay to get rid of Alisar. Balgay hands over the instruction sent by Geyhatu Khan to Osman Bey and tells that other commanders are coming to eliminate Geyhatu Khan. Dundar Bey realizes that Alisar is lying and tells this to Bahadir. Meanwhile, Boke reaches to Alisar`s manor with wounds and tells that Balgay has abducted Osman bey. Dundar Bey tells that Balgay and Osman bey are collaborating. Boke tells that he knows the Balgay and Osman Bey`s location and Alisar should strike on them. Bamsi Alp and Gunduz Bey prepare the tribe for a possible strike and start waiting for it. Gunduz bey reveals that Sheikh Edebali grants permission for the marriage of Bala Hatun and Osman Bey. In Kurulus Osman, This news makes everyone happy on the plain. Selcan Hatun talks to Bala Hatun and advises her regarding marriage. Konur meets Boke secretly and gets information about what Alisar will do. Osman Bey and Bala Hatun get married in the existence of Sheikh Edebali. They pray to Allah together after marriage. Osman Bey and Bala hatun are very cheerful. Aygul gives his brother`s dagger to Alisar and tells him to murder Osman. Osman Bey would like to thank Sheikh Edebali for his assistance and request for more assistance from him. Osman Bey says that he will bring tranquility and justice to these lands. Then Osman Bey, Gunduz bey, and other Kayi Alps set forth.

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kurulus osman episode 22

Kurulus Osman Episode 21 Review

Osman Bey is caught by the Alisar Bey and Bahadir. Bahadir unlashes his father`s hands. Dundar Bey inquires how they found him. Bahadir tells that Aygul told the location of Osman and Osman realizes it. Bahadir attacks Osman, but Osman Bey ceases him. Meanwhile, Konur sends his brother Kongar (Goktug) to the manor of Alisar Bey and reaches plain. Commander Boke ceases Bahadir and tells that he wants Osman Bey alive. Dundar Bey says Commander Boke that this is his personal matter, but Boke does not agree to it. Alisar Bey tries his best to pacify everyone. Dundar Bey says that no one will be calm down until Osman Bey is alive. Alisar is resolute to send Osman Bey to Geyhatu khan. Dundar Bey curses himself as he cannot execute Osman. Commander Boke along with the soldiers of Alisar Bey sets out for Konya, to take Osman there.

Dundar Bey reaches his wife Zohre and rescues her. Alisar Bey reaches his manor talksto Aygul. Aygul inquires the status of her family. Alisar bey informs that everyone is fine and Osman Bey is captured. Aygul thanks to Alisar multiple times. Kongar inquires several troopers of Alisar Bey where Osman Bey is and questions them. Meanwhile, Cerkutay reaches there and assists him. Cerkutay and Kongar realize that Commander Boke took Osman Bey to Konya. Afterwards, Cerkutay says that Balgay is waiting for Kongar. Boke torments Osman Bey and tries his best to make him talk. Osman Bey does not speak what they want and does not tell them the location of Princess Adelfa. While Boke tries to thong Osman, Osman grasp his thong and attacks him. But the troopers of Alisar Bey cease Osman Bey. Kongar and Cerkutay reach in the forest, while Balgay is praying. Kongar tells that Commander Boke and Alisar mutually work and take Osman Bey to Konya. Balgay is not happy with this situation. Balgay says that Osman will not be in the hands of Geyhatu. Balgay is angry with Osman Bey because of Genghis Khan`s laws were unreal and Geyhatu has made a death sentence for him. Balgay tries to get Osman bey from Boke.

Bahadir once again meets with the companions of Dundar Bey and informs what Osman bey did.  Bahadir conveys Dundar`s orders to them and tell them to prepare Alps for rebellion. Meanwhile, Konur reaches the tribe. Gunduz bey and Bamsi doubt that bad things are occurring and set off with immediate effects.  While Aygul and Alisar are talking, Dundar bey reaches manor. Alisar bey tells everything is ready. Balgay and his troopers attack Commander Boke. Dundar`s companions and supporters reach to the plain and try to execute Abdurrahman Ghazi, Abdurrahman Ghazi ceases the traitors one by one. Balgay captures Osman bey and gets angry as he is not loyal to Osman bey. Boke requests to be forgiven and work for Balgay. Kongar talks to Osman bey secretly. Boke`s proposal is accepted by Balgay. The alps in the plain go to the war. Selcan Hatun sets off to Sheikh Edebali and explains everything to him. Sheikh Edebali inquires why Bala returned. Bala tells why she returned and the latest incidents to Sheikh Edebali. Then she apologizes to her father.

Bahadir and his alps charge Gunduz Bey. Gunduz Bey and Bamsi realize that Bahadir is a traitor.  While the alps are fighting, Bahadir understands that he will lose the fight and he tries to escape from there. Bamsi follows Bahadir and stops him. Bamsi tries to urge Bahadir, but Bahadir attacks him. Bamsi tries to neutralize Bahadir, but Bahadir does not change his point of view. Balgay continues to brutally tormenting Osman Bey and Boran. Balgay questions about Genghis khan`s laws but does not get any answer. Osman Bey tells that Balgay bought Kongar from a serf market and made him a Mongolian. Balgay inquires Osman Bey how he knows all this. Osman Bey tells that he made a union with Byzantine emperor. While Bahadir and Bamsi fight again, Burcin will shoot Bamsi with arrows. Bamsi is injured badly by Burcin, who was a daughter for him. Gunduz and Alps reach and rescue Bamsi from the traitors.

Konur is sent by Gunduz Bey to kill traitors. But Konur is stopped by Bamsi. Bamsi is very disturb because of his injury and tries to chase Burcin. Meanwhile, Osman Bey tells about the pact he made with the Byzantine emperor and tells that he has got information from him. Balgay does not accept Osman Bey`s saying and tells him to prove it. Balgay gets the document that Osman have. This paper is about a serf that Balgay bought years ago. Balgay trusts on Osman Bey. Osman Bey tells that Geyhatu will come and must be free to guard his plain. Balgay tells that he will not make a deal. Osman Bey tries to convince Balgay to release him on the rate information about Geyhatu. With the help of that information Balgay can get Geyhatu of his throne. Balgay accepts this proposal. Osman Bey tells Boran to take the laws of Genghis khan. Balgay sends Kongar with Boran.  Aygul and Zohre observe marriage preparations. Augul is upset about the future, but Zohre is hopeful and calm because of the wedding. Sheikh Edebali and Ahis are carrying on the construction of the dervish cottage. Sheikh Edebali uprights himself and calls the Ahis. Sheikh Edebali describes the incidents that occurred to the Muslims after the migration (Hegira).

Aygul and Alisar get married in the manor. Bahadir reaches right after the wedding and tells that everything is devastated. Dundar Bey desires to go and attack as soon as possible but suddenly fell ill. Dundar blackout. Everyone in the manor is scared. Balgay sends his troopers to search around and is alone with Osman Bey. Balgay questions about the monks. Osman Bey tells what he did to avert Geyhatu`s alliance with Byzantine and to stop Sophia from taking the throne. Osman Bey tells that he beat Geyhatu and Boran will bring the laws of Genghis Khan. Osman Bey secretly unlashes his hands and attacks the Mongolian troopers. Balgay sends his troopers to capture Osman Bey. The doctor who comes to the manor to check Dundar bey says that he should rest for some time. Bahadir says that they should not wait anymore.  Selcan Hatun reaches to the Sheikh Edebali and informs him about what occurred on the plain. Selcan describes what Osman bey did. Sheikh Edebali listens to her carefully and calms her.

Osman Bey continues to run from the Mongols in the jungle. Boke and his troopers stop Osman Bey. Osman bey beats the Mongolian troopers and a fight starts with Boke. When Osman Bey is about to defeat Boke, Balgay reaches and injures Osman. Osman Bey manages to run from there even he is wounded. Gunduz, Bamsi and the Alps return to the plain. Gunduz Bey sets off with the alps to Alisar`s manor. Dundar Bey stands up while he should take rest and says he wants to go out to help his companions and supporters. Kongar and Boran realize that Osman Bey has run and start searching for him.  Gunduz, Bamsi and the alp`s reach the manor. The troopers of the Alisar do not open the gate and a fight starts on it. Osman Bay cannot bear the pain and falls down from his horse. While Osman is lying on the ground, some people secretly try to attack Osman Bey.  Click here to watch full Episode 22

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Dirilis Ertugrul season 5

Dirilis Ertugrul Season 5 Full Synopsis (From Episodes 122 to 150)

Ertugrul Bey along with his tribe reached Sogut and made it their new plain. During that decade, The Mongols defeated the Seljuk State and took control of Anatolia. The people of Sogut were happy by Ertugrul Bey and this situation troubled the Mongols. The Mongols authorize another tribe to collect taxes from the people. Christian Soldiers as they do not Ertugrul Bey make a secret organization to kill Ertugrul.

Osman tries to rescue Teokles and his daughters and gets wounded. Osman is brought to the plain by Ilbilge Hatun. When Ertugrul Bey knows that Dragos is behind all incidents, he orders soldiers to find Dragos. Hulagu Khan increases the taxes and Ertugrul leaves for Konya to settle this issue. Ertugrul is given an important work by the white beards. The truth about the identity of Ilbilge hatun is disclosed and it is cleared that she was there to collect taxes. Dragos pretend to be a ringer and orders to kill Teokles. The conflict between Kayi’s and Umuroguls increases. Ertugrul Bey will try his level best to get back the chest from Mongols because the chest has secrets about the state. Dragos presents Gunduz as a killer, tries to trap and capture Ertugrul`s sons.

Ilbilge Hatun unintentionally stabbed Ertugrul Bey and this event made the situation more critical. Turgut and Mengen deceive the Mongols and took away the chest without its keys. Dragos secretly kills the Umar Bey using Gunduz`s dagger. Everyone accused Gunduz for killing Umar Bey. This incident increases the tension between the two tribes. Gunduz Bey escapes from there to prove himself innocent. In Dirilis Ertugrul Season 5, Ilbilge Hatun searches for Gunduz. A necklace is given to Tekfur by Evodokya. Irene helps Gunduz get rid of Ilbilge and he gets into the castle. Emir Bahaddin, when he came to know about all these incidents, goes to Inn and tells Gunduz to appear in front of Court. It reveals that Gunduz is in the castle. Lais demands money to give Gunduz. Ilbilge hatun tries to give money prior to Ertugrul but failed.

Ertugrul Bey reveals the news that he has sent his son to Nikea. When Emir Bahaddin hears this news, he reaches Kayi plain and captures the Artuk Bey. Meanwhile, Selcan Hatun along with her son Suleyman reaches the Kayi plain. Ertugrul Bey presents his son in court and it proves that Gunduz is innocent. Selcan Hatun informs Ertugrul Bey about the Mongols activities and delivered Gundogdu Bey`s letter to him. A Turk named Albasti works for Mongols. Ilbilge Hatun is the sister of Albasti, but nobody realizes it. Ertugrul Bey and white beards do a meeting and decide to start a resistance against the Mongols in Anatolia. Dragos wins the trust of everyone around him by disguises as a ringer. Ertugrul Bey captures Lais and kills him.

Dirilis Ertugrul Season 5 Trailer with English Subtitles

Beybolat is warned by Ertugrul about the attack. But Beybolat does not take it serious. Dragos plans a trap. Ilbilge Hatun is kidnapped by Uranos. A student of Ibn Arab, named Sadreddin Konevi was rescued by Ertugrul Bey from Mongols. Ertugrul Bey took him to his tribe. In order to save Ilbilge Hatun, Ertugrul Bey agreed to Uranos proposal and secretly got into the plain. Beybolat and Ertugrul Bey save Ilbilge Hatun. Ertugrul Bey presents a proposal to Uranos, to escape from the castle. In Dirilis Ertugrul Season 5, According to that offer, they will mutually share the Mongols’ gold. Beybolat wants that his sister Ilbilge Hatun become the wife of Emir Bahaddin. But Ilbilge Hatun is chosen by Ertugrul Bey as his wife. When they got the gold and came back, Ertugrul Bey Discuses with his sons about his wedding. But it will be very difficult for Osman to accept Ilbilge as his mother.

Everyone was surprised by Ertugrul Bey`s marriage decision. Emir Bahaddin was blamed and killed by Mongols. When Dragos sees Tara`s head, he boasts his efforts to kill Ertugrul. He first sends a poisoned sherbat to Ertugrul, but it is drunk by Beybolat. Ertugrul Bey doubts the ringer. Ertugrul Bey is saved by Ringer in front of church. The abduction of chest and gold make Mongols crazy. Commander Alincak is sent to the Kayi plain by Mongols as new border principal. Commander Alincak reaches to Ertugrul`s tent and takes everyone captive. Then Osman is sent to an unknown place for brainwashing by Alincak. And raising him like Mongol.  Ertugrul Bey writes a letter to Ilbilge Hatun and demands for help. Ertugrul Bey writes another letter to Alincak as if it came from Hulagu Khan. Ertugrul Bey meets Osman but he is poisoned. Beybolat catches Suleyman and grasps all powers.

Ertugrul Bey says Alincak that he will get the outmoded taxes and arrive back to plain. Sirma gets injured while trying to kill Selcan Hatun. Beybolat learns this news and reaches Kayi plain. Hulagu Khan wants to execute Sultan Kaykaus. Commander Alincak tries to find Kaykaus to get appreciation from Khan. But Sultan is kidnapped by Ertugrul Bey. Thanks to Mergen. Berke Khan is held responsible for this incident. Ertugrul Bey arrives back to the plain and it appears that Selcan Hatun was defending herself. Ertugrul Bey realizes that Alincak will kill him when she gets the gold. In this situation, Ertugrul Bey makes a new proposal. According to that offer, Ertugrul Bey will hand over Sultan to Alincak.  In Dirilis Ertugrul Season 5, Beybolat and Commander Alincak reach the place where Ertugrul told to take the Sultan. But Dragos chases them. While Dragos is killing Mongols, Bamsi and Turgut alp abduct Sultan. When these events are happening, Ertugrul Bey reaches Sogut and retains the border principality. Meanwhile, Suleyman brings a pardon decision about his father Gundogdu Bey. Suleyman is captured by Beybolat`s men and they took him to cave. Suleyman is tortured and killed by Beybolat.  Ertugrul Bey comes to know that Albasti killed his nephew Suleyman.

Mergen is captured by Commander Alincak. Alincak tortures Mergen to speak the truth. Ertugrul Bey was offered to cooperate with Uranos, by saying that Uranos would take care of the castle.  In this way, he discovers the location of Alincak and Albasti. And he saves Mergen. Dragos chases Beybolat and reveals him his actual identity. In Dirilis Ertugrul Season 5, Beybolat respects his words and believe Dragos, then they make an alliance. Selcan and Hafsa come in front of each other and fight. Bamsi alp is affected by this. Ertugrul Bey makes a trap to catch Alincak and catches him. Hafsa Hatun tells that she wants to migrate and this thing makes Bamsi Alp more upset. Beybolat injured Alincak to stop revealing his true identity, but Ertugrul Bey took care of him. Ertugrul Bey learns that there is a relationship between the ringer and Uranos. Bamsi alp cannot bear it anymore and leaves the alp duty.

Commander Alincak is killed by Ertugrul Bey. Ertugrul Bey traps and captures the Dragos. Ertugrul Bey makes a prediction that someone will come to save Dragos and makes his plan accordingly.  Commander Branas and Beybolat (Albasti) reach to the execution site to save Dragos. As the execution starts, Commander Branas`s men attack, Beybolat does not assist them. Bamsi alp was badly wounded while rescuing Gunduz. When Bamsi was being treated, he apologized to Ertugrul Bey. Ertugrul Bey and Ilbilge made a plan to capture Albasti. By virtue of this trap, they know the true identity of Albasti.  In Dirilis Ertugrul Season 5, Beybolat is wounded and he jumped into the river. Beybolat is rescued by Arikbuka. Later, Ertugrul Bey is attacked by Arikbuka and Mongol soldiers.  Mergen and Dumrul die. Turgut alp is badly wounded. Ertugrul Bey is taken to a secret cave by Albasti. Ertugrul Bey unties his hands and kills the Mongol soldiers. After that Ertugrul Bey and Albasti fight, and Ertugrul Bey kills him.  Ertugrul Bey rescues his elder brother Gundogdu and Bamsi alp.  Arikbuka rescues his life by escaping at the last moment. Ertugrul Bey is attacked by Arikbuka once again. But Ertugrul Bey forecasted it.  Umurogullari is elected as the new leader and Sirma Hatun will become the wife of a new leader.

Season Finale: Ertugrul Bey tells Berke khan that he has traitors around him, and he believes Ertugrul Bey. Ertugrul Bey goes out to find and capture Arikbuka. Sirma poisoned her sister, but her sister was stabbed before death by Ilbilge. The Mongolian agent assistant to Berke Khan gets the secret documents and leaves. Berke Khan is attacked by Arikbuka and Mongol soldiers. Ertugrul Bey reaches at the last moment and finally kills Arikbuka.  Berke Khan Hand over the secret documents to Ertugrul Bey. He returns to the Kayi tribe. Ilbilge Hatun recovers. Ilbilge Hatun and Ertugrul`s wedding preparations start. Then they marry. Ertugrul Bey and his Alps went out for the Great War against Mongols.

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