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Historical TV Shows

Uyanis: Buyuk Selcuklu

Uyanis: Buyuk Selcuklu English Subtitles Full Season

Uyanis: Buyuk Selcuklu (Awakening: The Great Seljuk) English Subtitles ­čĹç Another new historical drama after Dirilis Ertugrul, Filinta, and Payitaht Abdulhamid. (Uyanis: Buyuk Selcuklu) Awakening:...

Kuslarla Yolculuk English & Urdu Subtitles

Kuslarla Yolculuk (The Journey with the Birds) English Subtitles & Urdu Subtitles This Historical TV series was stimulated by the book of Farid Ud-Din Attar...

Seddulbahir 32 Saat English & Urdu Subtitles

Seddulbahir 32 Saat (Hours) English & Urdu Subtitles The series is the Historical TV Series which has many popular actors, describes the legendary 32-hour war...

Vahyin Izinde (The Revelation) English Subtitles

Vahyin Izinde (The Journey of Revelation) Full synopsis and How to watch it for free The production of this Historical TV series started back in...
mehmed bir cihan fatihi

Watch Mehmed Bir Cihan Fatihi English & Urdu Subtitles

Mehmed Bir Cihan Fatihi (The Conqueror) Full Synopsis Mehmed: The Conqueror is the TV series regarding the life history of Ottoman Sultan Mehmed Fateh, who...
yunus emre

Watch Yunus Emre Season 1 & 2 English and Urdu Subtitles

Yunus Emre Season 1 & 2 Synopsis Yunus Emre was born in 1238 and he spent his life at the end of Seljuk territory. In...
kurulus osman season 1

Kurulus Osman Season 1 English Synopsis

Kurulus Osman Season 1 English Synopsis (All Episodes Review) The main theme of the series (Kurulus Osman) is the life History of Osman Bey, the...

MEHMETCIK Kutul Amare Season 1 English & Urdu Subtitles

MEHMETCIK Kutul Amare Season 1 Synopsis (Episode 1 to 19) Mehmetcik Kutul Amare Season describes the story of the Battle of Kut. Osmancik battalion had...
In Ya Istiklal Ya Olum,

Ya Istiklal Ya Olum Synopsis (Mini-Series)

Ya Istiklal Ya Olum is a Turkish mini-series about the independence of Turkey. It is on-aired on Turkish National Television, TRT1. It is about...
Dirilis Ertugrul season 5

Watch Dirilis Ertugrul Season 5 English & Urdu Subtitles

Dirilis Ertugrul Season 5 Full Synopsis (From Episodes 122 to 150) Ertugrul Bey along with his tribe reached Sogut and made it their new plain....

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