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Alp Arslan

Real History of Alp Arslan | Battle of Manzikert

Who was Sultan Alp Arslan and how he fought the battle of Manzikert and expanded Great Seljuk Empire Alp Arslan is the son of Cagri,...
who was ibn-e-arabi

Who was Ibn-e-Arabi | Ibn Arabi Real History | Dirilis Ertugrul

Who was Ibn-e-Arabi, Who appeared in Dirilis Ertugrul Ibn-e-Arabi was a visionary Sufi, a poet, a thinker, and an intellectual scholar. His full name is...
Who was Baycu Noyan

Who was Baycu Noyan in History | Dirilis Ertugrul

Who was Baycu Noyan in History | Mongol Commander in Dirilis Ertugrul In order to enlarge the Mongol Empire, Ogedei Khan nominated a Mongol chief...
Who was Sheikh edebali

Who was Sheikh Edebali in History | Mentor of Osman Ghazi

Who was Sheikh Edebali in History | Mentor of Osman Ghazi Sheikh Edebali was born in 1206 in Inac, Turkey. He was a well known...
History of Kongar

History of Kongar | Goktug Alp

History of Kongar | Who was Goktug Alp | Right hand of Mongol Balgay Welcome back with another historical article on Historical TV. Today, I...
samsa alp

Who was Samsa Alp-Samsa Cavus

Who was Samsa Alp | Real History of Samsa Cavus First of all, it should be comprehensible to you that in Resurrection Dirilis Ertugrul, the...
konur alp

History of Konur Alp in Kurulus Osman

Konur Alp History in Kurulus Osman | Companion of Osman Ghazi Before becoming the chief of the Kayi tribe, Osman Ghazi participated in many fights....
White Beards

History of White Beards in Dirilis Ertugrul

White Beards History in Dirilis Ertugrul | A Secret Organization of Turks White beards have been seen supporting the leaders in Dirilis Ertugrul, Kurulus Osman,...