Destan Season 2 Release Date

Destan Season 2

Destan Season 2 Release Date

Today we bring you some good news about Destan Season 2. If you love watching drama series, especially Turkish ones, you’ll love this drama. The plot is quite interesting and the acting is excellent.

The first season of the Destan series has been aired on television channels on Nov 23, 2021. This is the first season in the history of the Turkish TV series destan (English: Epic). It is directed by Emir Khalilzadeh, Fethi Bayram and Metin Günay, with Yunus Emre serving as the director of photography, Necdet Tuna being the editor, and Nihat Kalkavan and Cenap Akıncı executive producing.

The Season 1 of Destan has concluded with 27 episodes on June 14 2022. In the last episode of Destan, Akkiz and Batuga got married. Alpagu khan was in the court then suddenly his palace was attacked.

Are you eager for destan season 2? We’re anxious to see what will happen next! In other good news, those who liked season 1 of the show “Destan” can see it again this coming season. Destan season 2 will be aired soon in September or October 2022. But we have not received any news regarding the second season of “Destan”.

We’ll keep you informed about any changes to this launch date and its shooting via our website, so check back regularly.



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