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Watch Dirilis (Resurrection) Ertugrul Season 1 English Subtitles

Dirilis Ertugrul (Resurrection Ertugrul) Synopsis Full Season 1

Dirilis Ertugrul is the Turkish most famous TV Series. It is based on the life of Ertugrul Ghazi, Who was the Father of Osman Ghazi. Osman Ghazi founded the Ottoman Empire. Ertugrul Ghazi made the foundation strong and clear the way. Dirilis Ertugrul Season began with scarcity and aridity in the Kayi plain. A proposal to emigrate to Aleppo was proposed by Gundugdu Bey, the son of Suleyman shah and it was accepted with the majority. Ertugrul Bey, while hunting saved a Muslim family from the Crusade soldiers and took them to the Kayi tribe. The Seljuk commander of that region Kara Toygar demanded Kayis to give him that Muslim family.  The Kayis head, Suleyman Shah denied and sent his son Ertugrul Bey to Aleppo. Ertugrul Bey along with his alps reached Aleppo and Ertugrul Bey was determined to achieve his goal. Meanwhile, Halime Sultan and her family were attacked by someone in Ertugrul Bey`s absence. Suleyman Shah tried his level best to find out the people who attacked Halime`s family.  Gundugdu Bey had false ambitions and anger towards his father, this harmed their relationship.

Kara Toygar attacked the Gundugdu Bey`s and took him as a prisoner. Ertugrul Bey returned to the tribe from Aleppo and told them about their new lands. A woman was sent Templar Knights,  to poison the food at Kayi tribe and she was caught while doing her job. Suleyman shah comes to know the truth about that Muslim family. In Dirilis (Resurrection) Ertugrul Season 1, Suleyman shah went to swap Gundugdu Bey and Muslim family with Kara Toygar, their Kara Toygar ordered to Kill everyone. But Ertugrul Bey has planned a trap for Kara Toygar already as he knew about the betrayal from him. Halime Sultan and Ertugrul Bey were getting closer day by day. Suleyman shah`s preparations for the Aleppo journey were affected by illness. Ertugrul Bey was given the duty to hand over Halime sultan to Aleppo. Kurtoglu blames Ertugrul that he killed the tribe`s alps. Kortoglu tried to kill Suleyman shah at his tent at the night. Meanwhile, many complications arose in Aleppo.

Dirilis Ertugrul Season 1, Knights of the temple attacked Ertugrul and one of them try to kill him. Halime Sultan saved Ertugrul Bey by sacrificing herself. At the same time, a disease named Plague spread rapidly over the plain. Turgut Alp and Shehzade were captured by the Knights of Temple. They only want to get artifacts and chests of Ibn Arabi. Suleyman Shah was saved from the Kortuglu`s attack at the last minute. Nobody recognizes the traitor in the Aleppo. Cardinal Tried to ploy Shehzade. Halime Sultan was worried about her brother in Aleppo. Ertugrul bey was attacked during a secret meeting with Atabey. Atabey appeared in court and by the testimony of false witnesses was found guilty. Selcan Hatun`s baby is in danger and the plague is spreading rapidly. Ertugrul Bey along with his alps succeded in saving Atabey from execution and they kidnapped Atabey. Halime Sultan fell ill. The Templar knights tried to brainwash Shehzade and raised him as a Christian. False witnesses of court against Atabey were investigated by Atabey and Ertugrul Bey. But Ertugrul bey was arrested in the Aleppo.

The Templar Knights tried to Draw Turgut alp towards their side by poisoning him. The kayis got the news of Ertugrul Bey`s arrest and imprison. Suleyman shah went to Aleppo along with his alps. Ertugrul bey escaped from the prison. Meanwhile, Turgut alp cooperated with Christian women for escaping from the temple. Ertugrul Bey took Atabey to his plain. Suleyman shah received a letter from Aleppo with the order to leave their place. Ertugrul Bey again planned to go to Aleppo with the Christian paramour he had taken with him. Al Aziz proposed Halime Sultan. While going to Aleppo Ertugrul bey and Gundogdu Bey attacked the templar knights. Kurtoglu was planning to kill Suleyman shah. Halime sultan agreed to marry Al Aziz on a condition and the condition was to bring his brother to her. Al Aziz fulfills the Halime sultan’s condition and brought the Shehzade back.

Ertugrul Bey tried his level best to stop Halime sultan’s wedding. Meanwhile, commander Nasir was preparing the Turk tribes to rebel against the Seljuk Sultan Aladdin for making Nouman the new Seljuk sultan. Ertugrul bey learned about that meeting and reached their to stop that rebellion against the Sultan Aladdin. In Dirilis (Resurrection) Ertugrul Season 1, Halime Sultan refused to marry Al Aziz at the last moment. Kurtoglu met the templar knights master for secret planning. Selcan Hatun suffered a miscarriage and Gondoghu Bey was angry with Aykiz.

Suleyman Shah becomes angry with emergency of different views of people in the tribe meetings. In that situation, they killed Shehzade Numan for the betterment of state. While Al Aziz was taking Halime sultan to Hunting mansion for taking revenge from her. Ertugrul Bey reached there to rescue Halime Sultan but was trapped. Al Aziz`s rebellion planning was failed as Nasir was in Ertugrul bey`s custody. Receiving this news Al Aziz decided to go to Kayis plain. Meanwhile, Ertugrul Bey`s alps reached there and rescued him. Kurtoglu was ordered by the templar knights to attack orthodox people. Ertugrul bey saved Ibn Arabi`s life when the templar knight attacked him.

In the middle of Dirilis Ertugrul Season 1, Ertugrul bey learned about the location of the castle of templar knights from Aykiz. Kurtoglu tried to make Gondogdu the new leader of the Kayi tribe by using unrest. Meanwhile, Titus killed Atabey in Aleppo. When Ertugrul was going to save Turgut alp, he received a box from Aleppo. The box was containing Atabey`s head. Ertugrul Bey swapped Cardinal and Turgut alp with templar Knights. But Turgut alp was poisoned and he stabbed Ertugrul. Turgut alp also attacked Bamsi alp. A fight started there between the templar knights and the Kayi alps and they took Turgut alp back. Ertugrul Bey returned to the Kayi tribe in a wounded condition and the tribe learned that Turgut was a traitor. Kurtoglu`s man tried to kill Ertugrul Bey but failed. Gokce Hatun saved Ertugrul Bey`s life by putting herself in danger. The Christian women from the castle of templar knights came to Kayi tribe and informed Suleyman shah about Turgut Alp`s condition.

The Cardinal was planning to take back Jerusalem. Ertugrul Bey suspected Kurtoglu in Toy, but Gundogdu proved his uncle innocent. Gundogdu Bey took Turgut alp back to the tribe and Ertugrul bey talked to him. Gundogdu Bey`s economic policies turned other beys support towards him. Conflict starts between Ertugrul Bey and Gundogdu Bey. Suleyman Shah retired from his position of leader of the Kayi tribe and a Toy was called to choose the new leader of tribe. Gundogdu was nominated as new Bey by the Kurtoglu but he denied. In Dirilis (Resurrection) Ertugrul Season 1, Then Kurtoglu became the candidate for the new Bey. By voting, Suleyman Shah was again elected as the Bey of Kayis. Someone poisoned Gundogdu Bey`s tent water. Halime sultan and Ertugrul Bey got married.

Dirilis Ertugrul Season 1 Official Trailer with English Subtitles

Kurtoglu planned to kill everyone who opposed him. There was agitation in the tribe and Kurtoglu announced himself as the new bey of kayi tribe. Gundogdu Bey met Kurtoglu and confronted him. Suleyman Shah advised everyone to be calm and go to their tents. Meanwhile, Ertugrul bey while fighting with knights got trapped. But Ertugrul bey along with his alps succeeded in escaping from their trap at the last minute.Kurtoglu sent Turgut alp to finish Suleyman shah and his family. Kurtoglu called a meeting of kayi beys and asked Suleyman shah and his sons the death sentence. But the other beys were thinking of expulsion instead of death. A man sent by Ibn Arabi saved Ertugrul Bey and his alps from the templar Knights. Kurtoglu took Halime with him to control Ertugrul bey and expel Suleyman shah from tribe.

Turgut alp came to his senses and broke the chains when he was about to kill Suleyman shah. But the templar knights reached there and surround them. Ertugrul bey and his alps reached there on time, everyone was safe and sound. Turgut alp went to the tribe and pretended that he had fulfilled his duty. Ertugrul Bey sent a  man to Kurtoglu that he wanted to join the toy and Kurtoglu agreed on this. In the Toy, Ertugrul bey said that Kurtoglu cooperated with The templar knights and Kara Toygar, and presented Turgut alp as a witness. Kurtoglu refused to accept these accusations and ordered his alps to arrest Ertugrul Bey. Kurtoglu was captured by Ertugrul bey and Turgut alp after a fight in the Toy. Suleyman shah returned to the tribe with his family. Kurrtoglu was sentenced to death. Cardinal Thomas planned to take Shehzade Yigit to Constantinople. At last Selcan Hatun admitted all her mistakes in front of everyone. Ertugrul Bey informed his father Suleyman shah that he had a plan to attack the Templar Knights castle. Turgut alp and Aykiz got married.

Suleyman shah along with his alps went to attack the castle of the templar knights.A student of Ibn Arabi helped them from inside of the castle. The kayi soldiers have become as a whole for this fight against the templar knights. It was not easy to fight with an enemy hidden in the castle. Titus was approached by theErtugrul and his alps at each step. Shehzade Yigit returned to the Kayi tribe and informed Halime sultan about the conquer of castle. Kayis soldiers searched the castle completely and found about the preparation of Christians for the Christian-Muslim war. The white beards decided to gather the Oghuz beys for preparations for Mongols in Anatolia. Titus escaped from the castle successfully. Selcan Hatun told Gundogdu bey about her pregnancy but he did not believe her. Gundogdu Bey went out in the search of his wife. Meanwhile, Titus attacked Gundogdu but Selcan Hatun saved her husband’s life.

In the last of Dirilis Ertugrul, Suleyman Shah and his sons went to meet other Oghuz Beys. At the same time, Ertugrul bey came to know about Titus and he went off to capture Titus. After a long effort, Ertugrul Bey trapped Titus and Gundogdu Bey Separated his head from the body. On their way back to the tribe, Suleyman shah fell ill. Ertugrul Bey and Gundogdu Bey could not do anything. Suleyman Shah died in the hands of his sons. Then Mongolian danger was discussed in the Toy. They decided to fight against the Mongols under the leadership of Hayme Hatun. Then the Kayi Tribe went off to Anatolia.

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