Kurulus Osman Episode 33

Kurulus Osman Episode 33 With English Subtitles & Kurulus Osman Episode 32 Full Synopsis

Bamsi Bey arrived and released Osman Bey from the clutches of Flatyos spies. Bamsi desired to accompany Osman to the plain, but Osman Bey expressed his concern for his elder brother Savci Bey and exclaimed that he wanted to save him. Kumral Abdul handed over the map to Boran and Goktug. Later in time Osman found this map and marked down the whereabouts of Savci. Bamsi came back to the plain and shared all the information with Ertugrul. He embraced Bamsi but was truly angry with Osman Bey. Then, Hazal Hatun spreaded negative news about Bala and Osman Bey.

Meanwhile, Savci Bey was tortured by Monke who was forcing him to speak, but Savci did not utter a single word. The Flatyos reported to Nikola that Osman Bey was saved by a bear and this news made Nikola very angry. Gunduz commanded to tighten the security of the Kuluchisar Castle and went to his father to take the taxes he collected. Finally, Savci Bey was rescued by the Alps and Osman Bey and Monke was taken into custody. Gunduz Bey stopped his journey to take rest in an inn, but got attacked by Nikola. Nikola threatened him that if Osman Bey would not give away Goktug, he would punish all the Turks severely and then stabbed Gunduz mercilessly. On the other side Osman Bey was trying to get information from Monke and he believed that Yalvak Arslan was to be blamed for all the dirty work.

Nikola gave out all the gold to the Christians in the castle that he had snatched from Gunduz. Yavlak Arslan visited Nikola and issued threats. Nikola presented him with a gift to resolve the enmity between them and exclaimed that all they need is to kill Osman. Heavily wounded Gunduz Bey was escorted to the plain. Witnessing the condition of his wounds, Ertugrul Bey became extremely angry. Ertugrul Bey announced that he would take revenge on Nikola but all of a sudden he fell ill and collapsed. Dundar Bey took control of the situation, calmed the people of plain, and acknowledged them about the huge danger of Mongols. Meanwhile, Yavlak Arslan reached the plain and declared that he desired to help Kayis. Geyhatu slowly approached the Kayi plain.


The war was about to break between Mongols and Turks. Geyhatu approached Ertugrul Bey’s tent and entered it. He started conversing with Dundar Bey and asked him about the whereabouts of his son, Osman, and Monke. Dundar Bey exclaimed that Osman was not involved in the kidnapping and exclaimed that the reality will soon be known. Geyhatu reasoned that he had given three days period to Savci which has expired and his son is not seen anywhere, to which Bamsi objected. After a while, Osman Bey reached the plain and the Turks who had seen him coming were happy. Geyhatu inquired about the whereabouts of his son, but Osman Bey exclaimed that Monke is not his son.


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