Kurulus Osman Episode 34

Watch Kurulus Osman Episode 34 English Subtitles and Synopsis

In the first scene of Kurulus Osman episode 34, Osman and Savci were shown while bringing Mongke back to the plain. Geyhatu watched his son and inquired that why is he tied up. Osman revealed that Mongke was a traitor and he attacked his father to kill him. Geyhatu intently heard all the stories from start to end and after he came to realize that Mongke was guilty, he silted his throat. The medical condition of Ertugrul Bey was getting worse, and these circumstances were bothersome for his children. On the other side, Nikola assembled his army and set foot into Kulucahisar fortress secretly. Byzantine and Flatyos spies were dressed as merchants and they attacked the guards of the castle. The Turkish warriors were already poisoned in the castle so they were unable to fight back. That’s how Nikola took the castle from Turks and brought it in his custody.

Geyhatu appreciated Osman and Savci for finding out the facts and left the plain. Nikola freed one Turkish prisoner and sent him to Osman. As Osman came to know that the castle is lost to him, he became angry and wanted to take it back instantly, but Savci did not permit him to take any step like that. Savci announced that they needed to arrange a meeting in order to take some important decisions. Meanwhile Osman went to see Alps and notified him to get ready for a war. Aygul and Seclan reached the plain at a late hour.

Kurulus Osman Episode 34 English Subtitles Trailer

The next meeting was commenced by Savci while Osman was on his way towards the castle. Osman offered 2 boxes of gold for taking all the Turkish prisoners back, but this offer got rejected by Nikola. Suddenly Osman took Flatyos as a hostage and demanded the release of prisoners. Nikola got agreed on Osman’s offer and commanded for the release of Turkish prisoners. Therefore Flatyos was set free by Osman. During the meeting, Savci stated that Osman deserves to be arrested as he had put the lives of prisoners in grave danger. Some of the Beys rejected the decision.

In the final scene of Kurulus Osman episode 34, Osman was shown as he brought all the Turkish prisoners back to the plain and all who witnessed this situation were happy. Savci emerged from the tent and ordered to arrest Osman, but the Alps did not obey him. Suddenly, an argument broke between Savci and Osman and Gunduz tried to cool down the situation. Lena ran out of the tent and informed the three of them that Ertugrul was dying.


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