Kurulus Osman Season 2 Latest News | Official Update


Kurulus Osman Season 2 Latest News | Official Update about Kurulus Osman Season 2

Kurulus Osman Season 1 got huge fame after Dirilis Ertugrul and watched by millions of people, but some people compared it with Dirilis Ertugrul and somehow disappointed.
Now Audience eagerly waiting for Kurulus Osman Season 2 and hoping for the best storyline and acting from Mehmet Bozdag and his crew.
kurulus osman season 2So the first poster of Kurulus Osman Season 2 has been released in which Osman Bey has a beard and short hair. This poster has now become the talk of the town. Few are complaining about his short hair and few are against his thick mustache. But I think this look is far better than season 1. Females are in favor of his long hair and men like his beard.
Now comes to Facts and News of Kurulus Osman Season 2.

  • Balgay and Sophia didn’t die and they can enter in season 2.We can say this for sure about Sophia because his body was not shown at the end of season
  • There is another name added in the list of Osman’s opponents. That is Cobanogullari Tribe, and it will be the biggest opponent of Kayi Tribe besides Mongols and Byzantines.
  • Characters from Dirilis Ertugrul will make his entry in Kurulus Osman like Gunkut and Melik Shah
  • Samsa Bey’s deputy Cetin Alp and Sencer Alp have been dismissed.
  • Demirci Bey has said Good-bye to Kurulus Osman.
  • Bahadir bey has also left Kurulus Osman.
  • Sheikh Edebali also said goodbye to kurulus Osman by sharing his Instagram story explaining that he had a meeting with Mehmet Bozdag who told him that they were not conveying this role in the next season. But rumors also circulating that this actor wants to have his role powerful and lengthy just like season the tension arose and he left the drama or was excused.
  • Burcin Hatun who was the fiancée of Aybars, also said goodbye to season 2.

The First Trailer episode of Kurulus Osman Season 2 expected to be released on September 23.
Second wife of Dundar Bey, Hazal hatun’s brother Muzzafruddin Yavlak will also appear in season 2 and Emin Gursoy will play this role, another name Kanbolat Gorkem Arslan will also appear as Savci Bey. It has been confirmed that these above actors will be a part of Season Two. Many other famous names are circulating on social media, who will join kurulus Osman Season 2. These names are:
Cuneyt Arkin,
Erkan Avci,
Yagmur Ozturk,
Erman Cihan,
Zabit Semadov and Seljcuk Kilic.

Ertugrul Entry is also possible in Season 2 and there is confusion about his role. Some say Tamer yigit will play his role while others say, Cuneyt Arkin. tv100 reported that Tamer Yigit will portray Ertugrul’s role. But an actor named Ediz Hun is doing training for many months, and his name also in the list of Ertugrul role.

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