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Mavera Episode 2 English Subtitles

Mavera Episode 2 English Subtitles

In the first scene of Mavera episode 2, Khawaja Ahmad Yasawi set off to visit derby in Baghdad with his friends at the request of Hamdani. During his journey, Ahmad watched a man and his kids. The man told him that his car was broken down and Ahmad started helping him. Some bandits attacked after the car was repaired. Ahmad immediately sent his friend Mansur and the man’s family from there. Ahmed and his friends killed all bandits but saw that more bandits arrived there.

The leader of Bandits asked Ahmad to surrender or he would kill that man and his family. Therefore, Ahmad surrendered and the bandits took him to Dubeys. Ahmad showed the papers given by Hamdani to the Dubeys. He said he would release Yasawi out of respect for Hamdani, but told him to perform certain tasks in Baghdad. After Ahmad left the room, Dubeys sent his two spies to go after him.

Finally, Ahmad arrived in Baghdad and was surprised to see that city. After that, Ahmad went to the caliph and informed him that Dubeys had planned to attack Baghdad soon. Atif, the vizier of the caliph comforted him and said not to worry about this situation. Atif said that the Dubeys was in the position of Junior commander when he was working for the caliph and he would never be powerful enough to attack Baghdad. After that, Ahmed headed towards the derby and met with Mervan who was in charge of it.

Mervan offered Ahmad to stay at the lodge but he went where nomads were living and met Mansur. On the next day, Ahmad arrived in the city and started to look for the rental shop. Merchants were trying to help him but he wanted to take Kara Leyla’s shop on rent. Leyla issued permission for Hamdani’s student. Meanwhile, Atif went to Leyla’s house secretly and started to talk to Dai. Atif informed him that Khawaja was dangerous, but Dai was not interested in what he had to say. In the last scene of Mavera episode 2, Ahmad was praying in the lodge as a man holding a knife entered his room.


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