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Mendirman Celaleddin Episode 7 English Subtitles

Mendirman Celaleddin Episode 7 English Subtitles

In the first scene of Mendirman Celaleddin episode 7, Jalaluddin entered the house in the market to help his brother Akshah. At the same time, Behram tried to kill Akshah but failed and escaped. A boy got kidnapped by bandits who were in the hands of Mongol soldiers. Timur came to know about Turkan’s plan and set off to go to his army. Meanwhile, Mihri got to the tent of Turkan with Shirin. Mihri expressed that she intended to support Turkan.

Behram handed over the armor to Jalaluddin. He gave an arrow to Kutlu and asked her to check the strength of the armor. Genghis came to know that the boy who was kidnapped was Kutlu’s brother, and sent his soldiers immediately to find that boy. Jalaluddin and Akshah got back to the palace. The Sultan greeted Akshah for what he had done and ordered Jalaluddin to get ready for the war. Mongolian warriors started following the tracks on the road on the road and found the boy’s location soon.

Semseddinbek said that he had decided to save a soldier who supported Turkan and he was from the dungeon. Jalaluddin said he would do something unexpected in order to stop Turkan and sent a secret note to Timur. As Jalaluddin was leaving the palace, he went to see vizier Nizam and handed over him a secret note. After meeting with soldiers, Turkan asked Uzlagshah to stop Timur. At the same time, one of the Turkan’s commanders came and said that some soldiers were scared of Jalaluddin.

Turkan came out of her tent and started talking to her soldiers. Meanwhile, Jalaluddin arrived and expressed that he desired to use his sword only against the Mongols. Jalaluddin said that if Turkan wanted to fight, she can attack him. Jalaluddin reminded Turkan of her promise. Turkan came to know that Jalaluddin was involved in something suspicious and she decided to attack him soon. In the last scene of Mendirman Celaleddin episode 7, Alauddin said that under any circumstances, the soldiers should defend the city.


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