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Payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 118 English Subtitles

Payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 117 Full Episode Review

Sultan Abdulhamid discusses the rule and previous Sultans. Tahsin Pasha inquires about the decision of Hunkar regarding Zuluflu Ismail Pasha. Hunkar tells he will perceive his brother later and speak to him. Hechler is very annoyed and tries to find out how Abdulhamid got the documents from the British consulate. Hechler starts to get annoyed at Goldschmidt and holds him responsible. Goldschmidt tells he is calling Maccabees. Hechler says that Goldschmidt should murder the men of Abdulhamid and fire him out of the room. Goldschmidt and Diana squabble over missing documents. Goldschmidt informs Diana what occurred and tells that he intends to murder Abdulhamid. Diana gets annoyed at Goldschmidt but says she will assist his plan. Goldschmidt takes action to murder Soghutlu. Bidar Sultan has feelings of both sadness and guilty because of the escape of Zekiye from the fortress. Shehzade Abdulkhadir and Naime try to serene Bidar Sultan. Meanwhile, Zekiye Sultan was locked up in a house. Zekiye Sultan tries to speak to those who abducted her, but she cannot get any response. Soghutlu is annoyed with his faults. Asaf tries to serene him and tells him that he always has an opportunity to rectify his faults. Soghutlu hears to Asaf and hopes to rectify his fault. Hunkar speaks to Halil Halid and thanks him for his services. Halil Halid tells that he has performed his duty and continues to hear to Hunkar. Hunkar tells that he plans to utilize a phone to hear the British consulate. Halil Halid hears to his new duty and takes action. Hunkar tells Ahmed Pasha to talk to Zuluflu Pasha and get the truth from him. Also,

Tatar sees the news in the newspaper and inquires envoys about this news. Soghutlu and Asaf cannot give a good response. Tatar writes down the name of few people to send to Russia and hands over list to Asaf. Meanwhile, Halil Halid reaches and tells them regarding the new job given by Hunkar. Envoys ponder about how to hear to the consulate and realize that they have to place a new telephone line in the room of Hechler. Soghutlu goes to Diana to rectify his fault. Ahmed Pasha goes to speak to Zuluflu Pasha, but Zuluflu tells that I will not say anything and only talk in court. Ahmed Pasha continues to interrogate. Zuluflu Pasha tells that Abdulhamid murdered his son and he perceived everything. Ahmed Pasha leaves the room and speaks to the security guards. Hechler discusses latest incidents with Frida and Sabahaddin. Hechler tells that he will rescue Zuluflu Pasha and is waiting for the great meeting. Hunkar and Mahmud Pasha stroll in the garden of the fortress. Mahmud Pasha tells that he could not comprehend the disloyalty of Zuluflu Pasha. Hunkar tells that Zuluflu Pasha blamed him for his dead son. Mahmud Pasha tells that he is very sad about these disloyalties and can find a path to get Sabahaddin out of the British consulate. Mahmud Pasha tells that he is responsible for the wrong plans of Sabahaddin. Hunkar hears to Mahmud Pasha and authorizes him to collect information from Sabahaddin. One of the guard troopers enters the room of Zuluflu and starts hitting him. After what Ahmed Pasha told, Hunkar goes to speak to Zuluflu. Ahmed Pasha ceases the trooper. Hunkar goes to his brother and examines his situation.

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Hechler tells that he is waiting for Zuluflu to go to the hospital. Sabahaddin does not comprehend this scheme and ponders that they will abduct Zuluflu. Hechler tells that he will go to the hospital and take snaps, speak to the doctors and make the news. The doctor inspects Zuluflu Pasha and says them to take him to the hospital. Hunkar permits this. Soghutlu meets Diana and tells that he intends to stroll around with her. Diana agrees to this and they start strolling together. Mahmud Pasha meets Frida covertly. Mahmud Pasha tells that the British will utilize Frida and Sabahaddin and ignore. Mahmud Pasha then says he has received pardoning for two and that he should talk to Sabahaddin. Goldschmidt ceases Soghutlu and says to him that he will pass on. Soghutlu and Goldschmidt start brawling, but Diana interrupts. Asaf rushes to assist Soghutlu, but Goldschmidt menaces him. Asaf takes the record that Soghutlu has thrown down on the ground and goes to the headquarters. Hunkar goes to Harem and speaks about Zekiye. Naime tells that she knows why Zekiye has run away. Hunkar realizes that the foes reach to the room of his daughter and put venom. Meanwhile, the news reaches that Meziyet is very ill. Zekiye speaks to the man who abducted her and tells him that she can give him a lot of wealth. Abdulkhadir goes to her room to perceive Meziyet. Abdulkhadir talks to Meziyet and tells her that she has to retrieve soon. Asaf goes to the headquarters and inform them about the scheme of Soghutlu. Goldschmidt locks up Soghutlu into the prison at the consulate. Ahmed Pasha and Selim reach to the hospital and discuss with the doctor. The doctor inquires what is happening and tells that he has to write down a report.

Tahsin Pasha goes to the room of Hunkar and says that the remedy has been found. Bidar cannot comprehend how remedy is found so swiftly. Hunkar tells that after the incidents in Edirne, the doctors begun working. Abdulkhadir says to Meziyet that medicine for cure is accessible. Frida informs Sabahaddin what Mahmud Pasha told and says that Hechler is utilizing everyone. Sabahaddin discerns that he should speak to his father. Hechler and Karasu speak about Abdulhamid. Meanwhile, snaps of Zuluflu and the report regarding him reach to Hechler. Hechler tells that he tormented him for his schemes. Karasu tells that he told to a secret organization to demolish Abdulhamid. Sabahaddin slinks out of the consulate and speaks to his father. Mahmud Pasha says that they should aware of the schemes of Hechler and tells Sabahaddin to learn these schemes. Sabahaddin tells that he is in love with Frida and will do everything to be exonerated. Hunkar tells a counsel of the Prophet to Tahsin Pasha and Ismail Hakki Bey. Tatar reaches to the headquarters and tells that forty men have landed from the new British ship reaching at the sea port. Halil Halid tells that they will go to the hanger where these people are concealing. Tahsin Pasha inquires from Hunkar what he got from Sabahaddin and inquires if he will be exonerated. Hunkar orders to cease the printing presses. Soghutlu covertly unlock the jail door and begins to investigate the rooms in the consulate. Halil Halid realizes the men in the hanger that they are heavily loaded with weapons and frames up to take them out.

The men in the inner side walk out one by one, and the agents murder them. Ahmed Pasha tells that no newspaper can print news until the further order. Hechler gets information about the order of Abdulhamid and intends to utilize it in his favor. Meanwhile, Zekiye tries to confirm a deal with the man who abducted her. Hechler exhibits the snaps of Zuluflu to the public on the roads and streets of the Payitaht using projectors. Tahsin Pasha tells that the public is aware of the fact that Zuluflu Pasha has been tormented. Hunkar tells that Mahmud Pasha should talk to Sabahaddin as soon as possible. Mahmud Pasha begins a cookout somewhere near the British consulate. Sabahaddin gets a whiff of that and discerns that his father is coming. While Mahmud Pasha is eating, Sabahaddin reaches there and begins to eat too. Mahmud Pasha inquires about the scheme of the Hechler and who are the people to whom Karasu talks. Sabahaddin briefs about the scheme of Hechler regarding Zuluflu. Goldschmidt goes to a book shop and speaks to Abdulkhadir there. Abdulkhadir tells that he has to go now but later on he intends to speak to Goldschmidt. While pondering about what Halil Halid can do about Soghutlu, Soghutlu reaches to the headquarters and informs what he learned from the consulate. Halil Halid frames up a scheme to take everyone out of the British consulate. The next day, Mahmud Pasha goes to the fortress and informs Hunkar what he learned from Sabahaddin. Hunkar comprehends the actual scheme of Hechler and tells Ahmed Pasha to talk to Halil Halid. Zekiye sends a message to the fortress and Naime perceives this message. Naime does not tell anyone regarding this message.

Abdulkhadir reaches to the school where Goldschmidt works and speaks to him. Ahmed Pasha and Halil Halid discuss their scheme. Hunkar took a meal with his family. Bidar frets about Zekiye and asks questions. Naime tells a lie and says that she does not know anything. In the British consulate, everyone is getting ready for the ceremony. Gulcemal and Bidar Sultan say they will depart from the castle, but Naime made up justification and remains in the fortress. Halil Halid and Tatar get into the British consulate and start to execute their scheme. Halil Halid discloses the door of the room and perceives that Hechler is sleeping. Meanwhile, Sabahaddin reaches and inquires what is happening. Sabahaddin enters the room and wakens Hechler. After Hechler leaves the room, Halil Halid and Tatar get in. Bidar Sultan and Gulcemal go to the hospital and inquire about questions regarding the patients. Sinan says Bidar about everything that has occurred to him. Naime goes to the room of Zekiye and takes the jewels there. Sinan continues to speak to Bidar and tells that Zishan was trying to assist him. Bidar comprehends reality. A Maccabee officer comes to talk to Goldschmidt and tells that twelve troopers are deceased.

Dilruba goes to the community and tells doctors have found the remedy for the disease. Then Glucemal reaches and tells that Sinan is unaware of everything. Madame Blavatsky tells she will explode the lab. Naime covertly tries to leave the fortress, but Shehzade Abdulkhadir perceives her. Naime lies once more time. Ahmed Pasha tells that Halil Halid succeeded in hearing to the consulate and that Sabahaddin assisted them. After hearing this news, Mahmud Pasha is very cheerful. Halil Halid reaches and gives Hunkar a report of what is uttered in the consulate. Hunkar discerns that the state of Rumelia is in danger because of the Berlin pact. Hunkar calls the Russian and British envoys to the castle. Glucemal is very distressed because of the scheme of Madame and takes action to do something. Zekiye and Marco go to the assembly place. Naime reaches to the assembly place and gives the gems she brought from the castle to Marco. Naime rescues Zekiye. Zekiye pays gratitude to her sister over and over again. Naime acknowledges the voice of the man who abducted Zekiye. Halil Halid and other agents get ready for the assault of Goldschmidt in a house. The Maccabees get into the house and the fight starts. As the fight continues in the inner side of the house, Goldschmidt assaults inside with poisoned gas. Halil Halid and the agents cannot withdraw from the house. Glucemal tries to rescue the people in the lab and allows them to leave, but the building can blow up at any moment. Meanwhile, Bidar again searches the lab. The building explodes as soon as Glucemal departs from the lab. Bidar sultan perceives Glucemal lying on the ground unconscious. The envoys come to the castle and try to blame Hunkar for the torment of Zuluflu. Hunkar intends to abandon the meeting between Austria and Russia, but the ambassadors refuse. Thereupon, Tahsin Pasha perceives what will occur in Rumelia. Hechler loses temper and says Hunkar that he cannot do this. Hunkar tells that he will definitely do it.

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