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Payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 144 English Subtitles

Payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 144 English Subtitles

In the first scene of Payitaht Abdulhamid episode 144, Mahmud got the news of the death of Sabahaddin and started to cry but that was a trick of Sabahaddin. Hunkar came to know about the innocence of Tevfik and Riza and created a new plan. Shehzade suggested the name of the mason Mikhail from Selim and told Abdulhamid about it. Abdulhamid ordered Tahsin to find a picture of Mikhail and report about him in the newspapers. After a while, Aliye woke up and came to know about the arrest of Stefano because of Fatma.

The aunt of Ali Osman, Lena arrived at Payitaht after a long time and said that she planned to stay with her niece. As Tahsin was working on the report of the newspaper, Esad saw the photo of Mikhail and informed Cassel that he was exposed. Mahmud brought his son to a safe and kept the paper in which his will was written inside the safe. He asked Sabahaddin not to open the safe before the time comes. Cassel arranged a dinner for his friends and talked to them about Selim.

Celaleddin visited the wig maker and came to know that Necip was actually Selim. As the vizier was proved to be innocent, Selim went to the pastry shop to test Esad. As Esad was heading towards the table of Selim, Celaleddin got there and attacked him. Mahmud went to the grave of Murad with Sabahaddin and handed over a note secretly to the man at the hotel. Meanwhile, Lena filed a formal complaint to take Ali Osman, citing the conflict in the Esref’s home and the coffee shop fire.

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Selim banished the spies that were following him after reading the note he had found in the hotel room and got into the car with Sabahaddin. Naime declared that he would help Aliye and put the medicine in the guard’s food to put him to sleep. In the last scene of Payitah Abdulhamid episode 144, Selim went to the house of Mahmud and inquired about his brother. Mahmud declared that he would give Selim a secret. He said that he hated to eat chicken all his life and stabbed Selim with the chicken bone in the neck.


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