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Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 23 English Subtitles

Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 23 English Subtitles

In the first scene of Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu episode 23,  Melik Shah found Tapar in injured condition and he instantly took him to the palace for treatment. As Melik Shah was waiting for the recovery of Tapar, he asked Sanjar to search Markus with the help of Albert. After some time, Tekish arrived at the palace and discussed with the Sultan the condition of Tapar. Sultan was unable to tolerate that any longer and warned his brother. Zubeyde secretly emerged out of the palace and brought Basulu with herself to the palace.

Melik Shah came to know that people were facing issues while paying taxes and ordered Khayyam to make the more useful calendar. Albert called some of the crusaders, but the Prince and Markus learned about it. Prince shared some information with Tekish and asked him to attack Albert. Albert defended himself and said that he was working for Sultan, but Tekish injured him. Sanjar came for the rescue of Albert and told Tekish that he had made the mistake. Melik Shah arrived at the meeting place and got the news that Tekish had ruined everything.

Sultan entered the Tekish’s tent and had taken away the sword of his soldiers. Tekish expressed that he did nothing wrong and got slapped by Mekil Shah. Basulu came to see Tapar and tried to talk to him. Hassan reached the city secretly and distributed bread among needy families. Hassan saw that his soldiers had opened shops in the city as merchants and said to Faysal that they need to open a madrasah in order to brainwash children. The Prince told Markus that Emperor planned to send new soldiers to Anatolia.

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Nizam came to know about it and shared the information with Sultan. Melik Shah wanted to ruin the planning of Byzantines by sending Kilij Arslan towards Anatolia. On the next day, Kilij Arslan got prepared on the order of the Sultan and left with Sanjar. In the last scene of Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu episode 23, Markus saw that Sanjar was leading the armed soldiers and attacked them. As Crusaders attacked the car, Melik Shah came out of the car and killed all of them. The Turk soldiers surrounded Markus and Melik Shah avenged his son by killing Markus. Episode 23 is found to watch for free


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