Who was Baycu Noyan in History | Dirilis Ertugrul

Who was Baycu Noyan

Who was Baycu Noyan in History | Mongol Commander in Dirilis Ertugrul

In order to enlarge the Mongol Empire, Ogedei Khan nominated a Mongol chief named Baycu Noyan in Persia (Present-day Iran) during 1230-1260 CE, who replaced Chormagan (Mongol chief and part of Keshik). Baiju gains power in 1241/42 CE and he assaulted the Seljuk Empire (Rum) in the war of Kos Dag. In this battle, he suppressed Seljuks. Baycu Noyan and his sister Alangoya or Almila also seemed in the Dirilis Ertugrul season in which Baris Bagci was playing Baycu Noyan and GonulNagiyeva was playing the role of his sister. Alangoya was very brutal and barbarous. She infected the Kayi tribe and eluded Ertugrul Bey by altering her name to Almila. Now come towards the war of Kos Dag. In 1242-43 CE, Baiju directed the Mongolian army in this battle in which they assaulted Rum and laid blockade to Erzurum.

The Seljuk Sultan Kaykhusraw ll requested for help to the nearby countries. Trebizond sent army while Sultan made a group of Frankish professional soldiers which includes some Georgian nobles like Pharadavla of Akhaltsikhe and Dardinshervashidze. Despite of that most of the Georgians were forced to brawl from the Mongol side. On 26th June 1243 CE, the fight started in the field of Kose Dag. The exact number of Seljuk soldiers is not confirmed but Seljuks were large in number as collate to Mongols. His Georgian officer got terrified. Also Read,

Noyan motivated his troops and told them not to be afraid of a huge number of Seljuks by saying that it will be our dignity to conquer a large number of troops. Kaykhusraw ll, without waiting for the Mongol assault, attacked Mongols with a huge army of 20,000 men But Mongols pulled back and conquered. After being conquered in the battlefield Kaykhusraw ll, chiefs and some soldiers escape from the battlefield. Mongols tenanted the cities of Sivas and Kayseri of Seljuks. Kaykhusraw ll runs away to Antalya. Seljuk Empire became a liege state for Mongols; they liberated David Vll Ulu, to defy the decision of Queen Rosudan. He permitted David Ulu at the throne of Georgia.

Who was Baycu Noyan in History | Brief Video

However, Mongols kept their liege with small attacks. Later, Baycu Noyan ordered to assault Syria in 1246 CE. They also assaulted Abbasid Caliphate in Iraq twice from 1238-1246 CE, but they got few wins. When Ogedei Khan passed away, Baycu was succeeded by Guyuk with Eljigidei in 1246 CE, but his whole family was banished on the succession of Mongke Khan in 1251-52. But the Abbasids of Baghdad and Assassins of Elbruz mountains were free until the succession of Hulagu Khan in 1255 CE.

However, Baycu could not enlarge the Mongol Empire further because Hulagu Khan made a new chief in 1255 CE. And Baycu worked under the leadership of new chief in many campaigns such as Seljuk Empire 1256, Baghdad in 1258, and advanced on Syria towards Egypt in 1259 CE. After the departure of Hulagu Khan in 1260 CE, the Mongol army was exhausted and Ktabuqa directed the remaining Mongol army. Rashid al-Din said that Hulagu Khan killed Baycu Noyan because he failed in ceasing the army of Golden Horde from running to Russia. However, Shiemun, the son of Chormagon confiscated the charge of his office.


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